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Sunday, 5 May 2019


I am growing very little from seed, the lupins were half price and half dead from B&Q, I love bringing them back to life. The dahlia seedlings were gifted to me, cosmos were raised from seed, but just a few.
 My French Marigolds, are raised from seed, sown into these baskets, I am hoping for a tower of orange again this summer. I have not planted the top basket, just too tiny. I will thin out the top basket.
 I am hardening off this geranium, it will go into the center of my new raised bed.
 I have loads of different bulbs in here and a few bedding plants, the cages are to stop cats digging it all out. I also have a couple of rooted cuttings from last years coleus plants to pop in here.
 My peony has 9 buds again this year, I know I show this every year, but this plant is very special to me. There is still sawdust on the garden.
 Outside my greenhouse, this is a cutting from my peony left in a pot to gain size, it is destined for my brothers garden, behind is a pot of lilies, hubby does not like their smell, so I grow them at my end of the garden.
 I have just one more plant for in here, it's a Japanese blood grass, I got 2 plants via Suttons postal service, very expensive for small plants, they are together in one pot in my greenhouse. The heuchera, palace purple were chosen to blend with my acer. I can't wait for these plants in my Butlers sink to grow. 
 My 50p tomato plant from B&Q is a great size, so I have planted it in it's final position, just infront of the greenhouse, the glass reflects heat and light into the plant. 
 I purchased 2 cucumber plants, they will stay in the greenhouse, I don't grow from seeds anymore, it's better value to buy plants, I'm the same with tomato plants. 
The plants are doing well, I love to see plants coming back to life as well as seeds germinating and growing.
I still ache from the hard work of the last week, but can't wait for warm days to return so we can enjoy our garden. My hands are sore and my wrist aches, so I am trying to rest.
My only worry is the lack of rain again, we did have 3 storms, very light and only lasting 10 minutes at the most, not enough to wet the ground, my water butts are empty, not the best way to begin the spring/summer period. The garden has had a good soak, but all the water came from my hose pipe.


  1. You're going to have masses of colour in the garden this summer if all these plants are anything to go by. I'm not growing much from seed this year either, I've cut down dramatically over the last couple of years.

  2. Love reading about all your garden plans. Great to see things growing.

  3. I will join you in the big ache from gardening - I am feeling the strain after a long week in our Scottish garden - although I love gardening I will be happy to get back home to some gentle sewing next week!
    You have some lovely plants - Peonies are one of my favourites too. I am going to have to buy a tomato plant this year as I left it too late to grow my own.

  4. Very pretty leaves on that geranium. I like peonies too, we had a Bowl of Beauty in our last garden.

  5. When we had our allotment we used to buy all of the poorly plants for a song and nurse them back to health just like you. so satisfying.

  6. That geranium is so pretty. We just had to water my garden today. It was dry as a bone. We have had cloudy weather but no quality rain. Not good for May!

  7. Looking promising! It all hinges on that follow-up rain though, doesn't it? I hope it visits you soon, to Christen the new deck - good and proper. :)

  8. YOur geranium leaves are beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen that variety here in the states.



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