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Thursday, 16 May 2019


My raised bed is looking good,
 I have 2 coleus to go in each back corners, so far I have only purchased the 4 bedding plants.
 Alpine pot looking good
 My sink is good, I have just one more grass to add, something was nibbling at one plant so I had to use the dreaded blue slug pellets.
  I popped the hosta in the metal bucket, and added the pot of French Marigolds, they will both stay in front of my Acer. The planter next to it, was placed there to harden off and will be placed nearer the house.
Lupins, Ostara, 3 of each for the garden and the grass for my sink.
 Cosmos, Dahlias and a huge pot of salad leaves, spring onions and radishes.
In the propagator is succulents. 
 My raised bed is sorted, I have added farmyard manure ready for planting, my sweet peas are starting to show. I have lillies in the big blue pot, I have placed the pot here to get more sunshine.
I got 6 Busy Lizzie's for the pots at the side of the house. 
I spent most of yesterday in the garden, it was sunny and hot, just pottering, moving pots and planting things, which I have harden off from the greenhouse, I still have more to plant. I did walk to the village and the market and got 1 tray of 6 Busy Lizzie's, which I will put in the pots along the side of the house, I also have a Dahlia for each pot.
Will and mummy came over for a couple of hours, Will loves being in the garden, he walks around with me as I tell him what things are.
I had a shower at 3pm and then went for my haircut, we had our tea outside, as the evening cooled down, a perfect day.
Today I am back outside for the morning, I can always find a few jobs, I have loads of pots to wash and store to use again. I hope to spend some time reading, if it is as warm as yesterday, we will both spend the afternoon outside.


  1. Love Acres, they are so delicate. Your garden us taking shape something I must start here now the internal renovations are finished.

  2. You've been really busy, Marlene. The Acer looks gorgeous, I love Acers, they're so pretty.

  3. Everything looks lovely. I spent time planting pots up yesterday, we are forecast showers tomorrow and Saturday so wanted to get them done. I'm trying Sweet peas for the first time, so fingers crossed.

  4. Your plants are really coming along, this warm weather will have helped, it makes things grow so quickly. Unfortunately, that means the grass grows quickly too, it's ready for another cut already. Mick watched the football last night so I sat in the conservatory reading with the doors and windows wide open, it was lovely listening to the birdsong.

  5. Your planting is looking good, I really must get some weeding done in my garden. Hoping for fine weather this weekend. Cathy x

  6. I love looking at gardens, the Acer is lovely I am planting a windbreak in the hopes of getting one next year.

  7. We've been eating outside this week too, its been lovely and warm till quite late so enjoyed a little read as well in the evening.
    The warmth has meant things are growing so quickly.

  8. Everything looks beautiful!

  9. Lovely photos of your plants. I have an acer at the front door - yours looks far more lush than mine!

  10. Your Acer looks so lovely …

    All the best Jan



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