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Saturday, 18 May 2019

C word post

My socks are done and I love them
Plus I finished hubby's as well
 His size 11/12 look strange against my size 6, 
they are twice the size
 I decided to start his tops with green, mine are red. 
 I weigh my socks when finished, these are 53grms, 
I have 47 grms left.
 This is for my hairdressers baby due in September, as you know I love making ripple blankets. I am placing the colours in a difference sequence, where the bright pink and white will have slightly larger bands. I need to complete more of the design to show through.  
 The light pink looks a bit grey here, but the babies room does have grey in, so it should match well. 
The West Yorkshire Spinners yarn was a pleasure to knit with, it did not split and went a long way, I was surprised to have so much left over. I was hoping to make a pair of socks for my daughter, she loves the colour, but I don't have any yarn to match to use for the rib, heels and toes, if I buy another ball, I will just end up with more yarn left over. I will have to think about it.
I do love the simplicity of knitting socks, I don't need the pattern anymore, so I can just click anywhere, just taking yarn and short DPN's. I have had request from family, hinting it's a good Christmas gift, so I have looked at my yarn stash and pulled out a few balls. I already have 7 pairs, hubby has 3 pairs, and I have made 2 pairs as gifts. So the summer months I will make socks for gift's, I do love to knit.
I have given up reading The Historian, I had no problems with the story, but I found I just was not choosing to read, which for me is strange, I always find time to read, I will now find another book for the pile I was given.
My garden is looking good, just waiting to see what grows back in my side flower bed and my raised flower bed, I have some plants in my greenhouse to fill gaps.
Thursday I gave my greenhouse a clean and clear out, it great to have space in there, soon my cucumber plant will grow and take up space, I also sorted my shed, but both places were full of overwintering plants (greenhouse) garden ornaments (shed), so summer has arrived at my garden, our weather for the next couple of weeks is staying warm, so it's safe outside for most of my plants.


  1. I have used the C word a few times now, nobody has fainted and the world didn't stop on it,s axis. Carry on regardless. PS why not use a strong contrast for heels and toes to use the rest of your yarn. They can not be seen so nobody will know.

  2. The socks look great, you'll both look very festive when Christmas comes around. I find I have lots of yarn left over from socks too. The good thing about WYS yarn is that lots of the colours go together. I bought a ball of red, I think it's called Cayenne Pepper, and it's done the heels, cuffs and toes of two pairs of Christmas socks and it also matches the Christmas yarn they released last year so it will be used as the contrast on another two pairs. I should imagine it would go with the red in the colourway you've used too. It's good that different colours can be mixed and matched. I haven't been reading very much lately either but I picked a book up last weekend and couldn't put it down, I need to find another one which holds my attention now.

  3. I LOVE a good ripple blanket too.

  4. I'm making some washcloths for presents this year, wrapped with pretty soap. I'm crocheting a yellow one at the moment. Last year I was thinking about knitting socks but I didn't get far on that. Better to have definite plans I think, all the best, Cx

  5. I do like the socks, great colours.
    Your new baby ripple blanket is coming along nicely and such beautiful colours together.

    All the best Jan

  6. You've done really well with your sock knitting, I like the colours of these latest ones.
    I've never tried the ripple pattern, loving this pink combination you're working on.
    Have a good week

  7. Your Christmas socks are fabulous.
    I might have some leftover from when I knitted mine that would be enough for you to complete another pair with what you have left too, i'll have a look tomorrow.



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