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Friday, 10 May 2019

Socks update

Hubby's socks size 11, plenty of rest time spent knitting.
Against my size 6, I always make to leg section of my socks shorter, I find the lower length comfortable. 
My peonie is doing well, I have 9 buds on this plant
 The colour of these blooms are brilliant.
  We got this book a couple of weeks ago, and we are loving the recipes inside, we always eat healthy, with low fat, sugar and salt, so trying to loose a few pounds is hard, I can't give up crisp, cake, fizzy pop and sweets, because we don't eat them.
Soon we will be driving to Somerset to spend time with my family, my sister wants to pop to a garden center, we have Saturday planned with Logan and Finn our Taunton grandsons, not sure what we are doing as yet. Sunday will be a lazy day, probably spent in my sister and brothers gardens.


  1. I had a quick flick through the Pinch of Nom book in the supermarket, it looks quite good. Have a good weekend, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather's better than it is here today (rain again) so that you can sit out in the garden.

  2. I like the Pinch of Nom recipes Joy puts on her blog, I don't like all the blooming adverts on the P of N website!

    Have a lovely weekend, sun is out here for you (although there's some rain forecast for this afternoon). It's going to be a nice sunny weekend though.

  3. Your socks are looking good. Pinch of Nom gets a mention or two at my knit & natter group. That group and the book club both have slimming world members, so food chat is inevitable. Cathy x

  4. Enjoyed a catch up read after my week at the seaside, an internet free week in a beautiful caravan!
    Hubby made a great job of the decking. h here buys cucumber plants - lost too many in the past and the seeds are so costly.
    I've got a pair of those Christmas socks, WYS is such a great wool and so comfortable and washes well too.
    The peony is beautiful as is the rest of the garden, your plants are growing well.
    Enjoy your family time, I do hope mother nature sent some sunshine you way.



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