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Monday, 27 May 2019

Bank holiday weekend

Will had a sleep over on Saturday, he had a couple of new hats, a sun hat like Grancha, and a helmet to go with his new bike. He could not decide which to wear. 

 In the end the helmet won out, but he does like to wear it backwards.
The 1st sock is finished,
 it's a bit bigger than mine, but still fits on my shaper.
 I decided to start these, again for my sister,
using yarn from my stash, the toes will be the bright pink colour.
We spent all day Saturday outside, Will loves to sit at our table on the decking to eat, he loved the trike we got him, it only cost £10 with the helmet off a local for sale page, it looks almost brand new.
Will woke at 6am on Sunday morning, so it was a long day for us, he played happily most of the morning inside, daddy came to collect him, but he wanted to show daddy his trike, so he got to play outside for almost an hour. 
I am spending most of my time knitting, it is relaxing and socks do not get too big, which is good as Grace my cat is spending more time on my lap, she is not bothered with the yarn, so both of us get time together.
Today we are having a small family roast dinner, Will, mummy and daddy are coming, so loads of time outside, it's sunny here, but just a bit cooler.
We did not get any rain in the last couple of days, I am hoping the fore caste is correct for a couple of wet days later in the week.
I think this year we have been lucky enough to have nice weather at Easter and both of the May Bank Holidays. We are hoping we get another great summer, our garden will be the perfect place to spend most of the summer.
It's a bit strange as we do not have any big jobs on our list, we moved in here 10 years ago, did most of the inside in the first few months, kitchen and bathroom and had all the walls and ceiling plastered and finished with a solid wood floor. Hubby painted the hall stairs last year, and later in the summer he will paint the dining and sitting room, once the furniture is moved it's a simple job.
I love it now I can sit and watch my garden and not see anything I need to sort, it's never finished, there is always a space needing filling, at this time of year I'm watching to see what is growing back, I do have plants in the greenhouse almost ready to go out.


  1. Awww, Will is such a little cutie! Is that his own little garden seat? We were very fortunate that we got a good dose of rain over Saturday night/Sunday morning. The water butt is full again, the veggies and flowers got a good watering and they grass is looking greener, as it was dying in places.

    1. He loves hus bench, it was purchased for our 1st grandson, Josh who is now 13, I have a link to a post called bench life near the top of my blog on the left side, it shows all of our grandsons who have sat on it. The bench is very special to us.

    2. I just read your Bench Life post. What lovely photos and wonderful memories of your grandsons growing up and enjoying it :)

  2. Awww, Will is so funny with his helmet on backwards, kids have the funniest of ideas. I hope the sunshine stays with you today, it's pouring down here and windy too, typical bank holiday weather. We've been in our house over twenty five years now, we've had the kitchen and bathroom redone twice already and we're just starting thinking about having them done again. Not something I particularly enjoy, I hate the house being upside down whilst jobs are getting done.

  3. It has been an amazing bank holiday weekend so far, long may it last. My knitting has tailed off as I am firmly in a sewing mood, and mode, I do have a pair of socks on the go but have just bought 2 books so there might not be any clicking this evening.

  4. Oh, he is adorable. Our oldest has a hat just like that too!

  5. We've had a lovely family weekend too, 8th birthday party for granddaughter and lots of family staying over. We've had some rain today, short sharp bursts but the garden needed it. Will does look sweet in his sunhat. Pretty pinks socks, the strips really do look great.

  6. I love the photo of Will wearing both of his hats together, lol.
    They are so entertaining at that age.

  7. Arh what a cute guy he is. Love the hat thing that he does. Definitely classy there. Love the bench story, a life of its own sharing in the life of the little people. Cathy x

  8. Will is so cute - I like his style in headgear! I was hoping our house would be well on the way to being finished now but alas family commitments so far this year and an increase in grandchildren has put paid to that!

  9. Kids and hats are funny things.... at least he wears one. Also awesome knitting. . I have to try socks one day.



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