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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Saving Olive

In 2014 we purchased a new Olive plant, we had left our 1st olive tree at our old house it had been planted into a raised bed. This photo is taken from a post back in 2014
 I loved this pot, it was perfect for a growing plant, but it was pot bound this summer so we repotted it into a much better bigger pot. The roots got damaged, and I have been watching the leaves fall off the plant. Another old blog photo, this one from last year. 
So today hubby and I went shopping for the last thing for our garden refurb, his words, I agreed with my fingers crossed behind my back. We both fell in love with Olive tree's, so this one came home with us. 
Planted in the bigger pot, looking good. 
I used the large plastic pot the Olive tree came in, for my tomato plant, it's a brilliant size for loads of compost to ensure this plant grows and produces loads of tomatoes. 
This brown pot had the tomato plant in, I had planned to use it for my lemon plant later in the summer, but now is a much better time to repot. 
The small pot I removed the lemon plant from, was a perfect size to pop my old Olive plant in, I have cut all the branches back, in hope I can keep it alive and it will have some new growth. 
I am shattered, it was hard work, sorting all the plants into the different pots, I am now keeping everything crossed the Olive plant survives and grows, if it does I will gift it to my younger daughter, but that won't be until next summer.
We have learnt our lesson on choosing pots for plants which will need repotting, getting wide top pots, but at the time I loved the cider pot, it reminds me of back home in Somerset as a child. I have a few much smaller old pots in my shed, they have lids and I use them for storage of grit and other tiny stuff.
I do love having my blog and using it to track the history of our garden, home and family. I find it very easy to look through my printed books to find photo's and details of everything.


  1. Your new olive tree is a beauty. I saw some for sale in Lidl this week but they were only very small, nowhere near as lovely as your new one. Fingers crossed for the old one. I love how you've utilised each pot for a new plant, moving everything along.

    1. This one came from Homebase and was really expensive as its almost as tall as me, I love the trunk its looks old already.

  2. I've never grown an olive tree but have seen them at Lidl and Asda at reasonable prices. May be I will be tempted if yours does well.


  3. That certainly was a big job of potting on.......and on........and on!
    Will be interesting to see what happens with the older Olive

  4. The best kind of work :) I so wish we could grow things like olives and lemons. I had a tiny orange tree in the house once and it blossomed but then died. Does the lemon smell lovely when it blossoms?

  5. I don't think I've ever had an olive tree, your new olive tree looks great.

    All the best Jan

  6. The new olive tree looks right at home in the garden. Sometimes you have to splash out and purchase something special. Hope it does well.

  7. All the best for Olive both new and original. I must tidy up our pots over the weekend. They have been sadly neglected. Cx

  8. sounds like you've been really busy and good luck with your olive.



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