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Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Julie's spare yarn arrived, in a perfect cake ready for use, such a kind gesture, and plenty for me to finish a pair of socks for my daughter. I love the cake it's so neat and tidy.
1st sock of the 2nd pair is finished

 Matching the top is much easier with this design.
I got a couple more books free off our local Facebook page. 
I have started Harvesting the heart.
Monday lunch was great, Will loves to sit at the table, we give him our normal china with a child cutlery set, we spent most of the day outside, loads of laughter.
Yesterday was a day at home, Will has passed another cold to me, I have a sore throat and cough, oh well I don't mind, I love that little boy. I spent the day at home, hubby popped out for the morning, I did very little, in the afternoon I knitted my socks and then started reading Harvest the heart, I am loving it, her writing style is brilliant. I wanted to watch The Planets on BBC2 last night, the book was so good I have recorded the programme. Both hubby and I love to sit without the TV on, the only regular programme we watch is the news.
Today I am at home, hubby is driving a group of ladies out for lunch, we have a man coming to service our boiler, I have very little planned, no housework, can't be bothered with it. I hope to do some more of my ripple blanket and read.
On a different note, we are bracing ourselves for another round of issues with our neighbour, she shouted at hubby yesterday morning, he was walking past their house, and she accused him of walking down her drive. I have been enjoying our quiet life, I am hoping it's just a one off, but our history shows once she starts, she will have a period of stupidity.


  1. Oh dear, sorry you are having trouble with your neighbour again, it must be a right pain. I'm so glad we are very lucky with ours, the one attached are a young couple with two little boys but they are so quiet, we never hear them in the house, only when they are playing in the garden, the other side we have an elderly couple who are lovely, although i do wonder how long they will live there and who we might get as neighbours if they moved. Sorry you have another cold, try a vitamin C drink, I find they stop thing developing.
    You are doing so well with sock knitting :-)

  2. Bloggers are so kind aren't they? Your socks are lovely, Marlene. I feel for you with the neighbour problems, I know how irritating it can be. Hope she doesn't cause any more aggravation.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, it's so easy to pick things up from children, I found I didn't get ill half as much once my two left school. It must be awful to have problem neighbours, we're very lucky here, we've got decent neighbours both sides and there's quite a few people in the street who have lived here since the houses were built in 1969 so it's very quiet. The socks look great.

  4. Sending a {get well soon, hug}, children do like to share don't they.
    What a shame the nasty neighbour has reared her head ahead.

  5. I am lucky with my neighbours here but I have had some horrors in the past. The socks are all lovely, I have a pair almost off the needles and will be dyeing yarn for the next pair.

  6. I always joke that we don't have neighbours but in reality we do of course. On one side the neighbour lives abroad but periodically drops by to maintain property whilst he decides to rent or sell it - he's been deciding for over 12 years. Living in a corner house, our other neighbours are across the road.
    The yarn gift was very generous, your socks are looking good. Take care, Cathy x



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