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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Three cheers

It's finished, and I love it
 Really nice size,
I am so glad to started this second blanket
 Loads of overhang at the bottom
 Ripples are so pretty
 It must be winter, no gardening,
so I have nails with polish on. 
Bed dressed, the two cushions are handmade, cross stitch by me. 
Left over yarn, to be made into small granny squares
Just a reminder of the yarn I used, this brand gave me so many wonderful colours to use on the blanket. 
I started this on 13 November, so a couple of months to complete, I did have more time for crochet, as I sat most afternoons with hubby as he recovered from his operation, giving me at least 5 hours to work on it most days. 
Can you feel the grin on my face, this is the biggest thing I have ever made, very relaxing to do, only problem as the weather is getting really cold, I will have to find another blanket for my lap in the evenings.
On the plus side, Grace my cat can come back and sit on my lap, she knows she not allowed to sit near my work, most evenings she walks by to see if there is any chance of a cuddle.
My sister sent me a photo of her using the 1st ripple blanket I made, she looked snuggled and warm.


  1. It certainly looks stunning and the little group of animals look very pleased with it too! Well done.

  2. Well no wonder you have a big grin on your face, it's GORGEOUS!

  3. It's fabulous, you must be so pleased with it. I can see what you mean about having a good overhang, it does make such a big difference on this second blanket, definitely worth starting again and your sister's done well out of it too.

  4. Absolutely stunning! 5 hours a day? I can only crochet about half an hour at a time as I still get a painful yarn groove across my finger. I've tried sticky plasters and other things, but then the yarn slides about. I can't wait to see you next project. Best, Jane x

  5. It is a beautiful blanket! You have done a wonderful job.

  6. Absolutely brilliant. Well done.

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself.

    Julie exxxxxxxxx

  8. It's stunning and looks fabulous... well done.

  9. I love it too and your nail varnish.

  10. That is one big and beautiful blanket!

  11. You have so much patience MJ. But I also remember visiting the hospital for my antenatal visits, with my last baby. I would knit his baby blanket, while waiting. He still has it, and loves it. Although it's very small for him now! Well done on all your patience and endurance.

  12. It's absolutely fabulous.
    You must be so pleased with it.

    All the best Jan

  13. Congratulations on your finish, it looks absolutely wonderful!! x



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