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Monday, 14 January 2019

Catching up

Daughter got me a coffee plant, she has one as well
  Can you see the bean/seed

I have said before it's a busy time here, nothing fantastic going on, I'm just spending more time out than at home.
Friday we popped to our local garden center, it's Will favorite place because it has a full size old tractor for the children to play on, he was the only child in the play area, so he had plenty of fun, hubby spent time with him. Youngest daughter and I took a tour through the final Christmas sale items, a few things dropped into my basket. I got 2 packs of 6 Tom Smith table crackers for less than half price, they still cost £10 per six, but I do hate a cheap cracker. I got two packs as the hope is our Spanish friends will have Christmas with us this year, if not they will last a couple of years. I also got a mistletoe reed room scent again less than half price. All have been packed in the attic with the decorations, so I can find them in December. the only plant I came home with was the coffee plant my daughter got me, I have looked on the inter net and know what it needs to live. Friday night I did some more sock knitting.
Saturday morning was spent cleaning, the floors are really dirty and loads of dust everywhere, the builders next door are creating both, but they only should be here for a couple more weeks. We have asked them to clean before they leave each night, they do have a habit of down tools and walk away.
We had a lazy afternoon, an ex work friend popped over, we went out for a meal to a local Thai restaurant, loads of chatter and catching up, she has moved back to her family in London. Shame she had to drive back to town the same evening, but the meal was great.
Sunday was another lazy day, after lunch I managed to do some knitting, I am loving these socks, but I really must start Will's jumper.. 
Today I'm with eldest daughter, she is having the clips removed from the wound on her knee, if we survive it we hope to have a coffee together before taking her home. 


  1. Never seen a coffee plant before, looks interesting.

  2. never seen a coffee plant before and I love that sock yarn 1

  3. What an interesting plant, it will be fun watching that grow. We had a mooch around our local garden centre a couple of weeks ago, we saw a lovely tree I'd have liked, it was still well over £100 even though it was half price and I might have succumbed if it wasn't so big, it's where to stand them, isn't it? The socks are looking great, it's nice to have a bit of sparkle.

  4. Now I have coffee plant envy.... Ive never seen one before. I love the glossy leaves. Hope DDs knee is much better x

  5. We called in at our local Wyevale garden centre yesterday - I overheard a lady complaining that the reductions on the mound of sale items they had left were very poor. Not a lot of bargains to be found - the prices are high to begin at least £2 dearer than you can find for the same item in other shops and even with a 50% reduction they were still quite dear. I saw some Christmas cards the Woodmansterne brand which are nice cards but only 5 in a pack - was £5 now £2.50 which is still 50p a card so I left them as I got 15 for £1.50 elsewhere.

  6. The coffee plant looks lovely, like the glossy leaves, never heard of that one before.
    Looking at your socks reminds me that I still have a pair to finish, done one and half way up the other, just lost interest. lol

  7. I've never seen a coffee plant either. Lovely colourful, sparkly socks and lucky Will having the play area all to himself! Best, Jane x

  8. I don't think I've seen a coffee plant before, your one looks very healthy.

    I like the colours of your new socks you are knitting.

    Hope the week ahead is a good one.

    All the best Jan

  9. Socks are so cute! I love the colors. I hope your coffee plant does better than the one at our local coffee spot. It just got tall and very leggy. Did you get to enjoy coffee with your daughter? I hope so.

  10. I've never heard of a coffee plant before .... interesting. Will have to investigate and look it up.
    Great socks, nice colour yarn.



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