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Friday, 25 January 2019

Foggy Friday

My wool arrived and I am so angry with myself, for some reason I only ordered 1 ball of the navy wool for Will's jumper, how stupid am I, enough to finish one jumper.
I enjoyed a wonder around town on Thursday, a change to the plans, but it was fun, I was on my own so I was able to browse where I wanted to. I purchased nothing, I did see a couple of jumpers, but passed as I have loads at home, so feeling pleased with myself. I spent another hour on the interweb thingy, looking at weaving, I really want to find out as much as I can before I start. Plus with the cold weather I have promised hubby I will knit him more socks,
I have a shoot on my Amaryllis, this one is inside, but I have noticed another bulb in the greenhouse has a shoot, I have missed these flowers this year.
This morning I took my car to a not so local out of town dealership for it's service and MOT, they only offer lifts home to our area on a Tuesday, a day when hubby requires the car, on 3 occasions I asked if I could get a lift home, this morning I refused a car, and got a taxi home. On speaking to the garage, a condescending woman told me , they give out cars just in case I want to go to the shops.  After speaking to the manager, they are now going to return the car home to me, using 2 people, it would have only taken 1 to collect me. My issue was the staff (3 phone calls and 1 on service desk), do not listen to the customer, they shove their policies at me, I was ignored, so whilst the manager said he gets few problems, I said that's just because people accept your changing conditions, for an out of town location, you need to be working with your customers. Don't you just hate poor customer service.


  1. Rude service is just inexcusable. Well done on resisting the urge to buy jumpers!

  2. Some staff look upon the customers as an irritation in their day. Customer service is a rare commodity these days.

    1. I've just been speaking to EE customer service, my mobile phone provider, they were wonderful and helped me beyond their duty, Good customer service is still out there, and I thanked them for their care.

  3. Sorry about your crummy morning. I'm excited to see what you start with your weaving.

  4. Customer service, was one of my old professions. I was taught by an excellent couple that went above and beyond, how to meet customer expectations. The business being ignorant of certain details, is not their customers fault - they should be thanking you for bringing it to their attention. Not making excuses, this was the first time anyone has said anything.

    So good on you for challenging the manager's subpar, lazy comeback. It's really not that hard to say, thank you for bringing this to our attention. And it's customers like you, who help us improve the service. :)

  5. I hate bad customer service, definitely one of the things which would make me take my custom elsewhere. I bought a new amaryllis this year as the one from last year didn't seem to be doing anything but a little green shoot is now showing, I'm not sure whether it will flower or if they're just leaves but it's fun waiting to see.

  6. Poor Customer Service is horrible,nobody seems to care these days if you offer your money to them,so arrogent.I love Amaryllis really must get one some day.Good luck with the weaving.x

  7. It's always enjoyable to have a mooch around the shops.
    Sorry to read about your poor customer service though.

    All the best Jan

  8. My neighbour gave me an amaryllis bulb as she had 4 for Christmas. It's doing really well. the first time I have had one and I cant believe how much they grow each day.



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