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Thursday, 17 January 2019

In the garden

Only one of my Helebours have flowered this year, the second plant in the garden is looking weak. The plant I put into a huge pot last November is small and behind. 
 Still I have flowers on my geraniums, these grow in a chimney, so raised off the ground, the others planted in the ground don't have flowers on. 
 Yesterday Will came to play, last minute visit, he stayed whilst mummy went supermarket shopping. The rain stopped for a while, so we went out to play, The fake grass is great allowing all the rain to soak through and not be too wet. 
Will is almost 2, and looking so grown up.
 This is the view from our kitchen window, the extension went up this week, it looks tidy and should stay tidy looking. But it has cut out loads of light, it sunny here this morning, but you would not think so. This extension now makes the kitchen dark and that stops light filtering into our dining end of our living area, yesterday we had the dining light on all day.  We don't spend too much time in the kitchen, so the view does not bother us, but the loss of light will. 
I enjoyed time in the garden yesterday, it was good to get out, not much to do, I still have not cut back my summer plants in the side garden, some have flowers on, and loads have seed heads, I will leave them until the end of February, unless the bulbs push through.
I planted another Amayllis for the sitting room, I have not grown many this year, I replanted my bulbs to save money, but only one grew and only leaves.
I have finished knitting my socks, just need to finish the toes off, photo's next time.


  1. That's a bit of a downer, losing all the light in your kitchen. Our kitchen is a long narrow galley, and 2 walls are rather wasted by 2 huge windows. There are no drawers. There's a huge built in fridge/freezer, which we don't use because it's to big; and whoever put the doors on put them on wrong and both fridge and freezer door open at the same time!! We practically live in our dining room. It looks out onto the garden and is south facing. Best, Jane x

    1. Our sitting room looks over our back garden, it's one of the reasons we purchased this house.

  2. My repotted amaryllis hasn't done anything at all so I bought a new one which is just sprouting. I bought one for my mum and dad too so we're having a race to see whose flowers first. It's such a shame to have the light taken out of your kitchen. Our window used to face on to the driveway and look out at next door's kitchen window but we extended out onto the drive and moved the window so that it now looks out over the back garden. It's much better for us but our next door neighbour now looks out onto the brickwork at the side of our house. There's not much that can be done about it when people extend but it does end up cutting out loads of light for neighbours.

  3. My neighbour gave me an amaryllis and she had been bought 4 as Christmas gifts. I've been measuring mine each morning, today its 5", yesterday it was 4", don't they grow quickly. My first time having one.

  4. That's a bit annoying, loosing the light in your rooms, weren't you advised when the extension was proposed?
    You have just reminded me that I didn't plant my Amaryllis, I might do that at the weekend, I love to see how fast they grow.

  5. You have no right to light any more, they do not have to inform you.If the extension is below a % of your house size, they do not require planning permission, so no plans are issued.

  6. The hellebore is beautiful, what's then secret to getting a flower on one, ours seem all leaves and never any flowers?

  7. My amaryllis has almost died since we moved. I'm not throwing it. I'll see if it comes back.

  8. The loss of light is horrible. I do envy all of your green though. We are expecting a foot or more of snow this weekend.

  9. Loss of light is a problem affecting a lot of people these days as people extend more and more rather than the expense of moving. We have not suffered yet as our neighbour's extensions have not affected us in any way. Luckily your view from your sitting room is not going to change.

  10. Shame about the loss of light …
    I think your fake grass looks amazing, and I'm sure Will enjoyed his time outside.

    All the best Jan



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