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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Colour in a grey season

1st sock finished

First great customer service, back in 2014 I purchased a new tree in the January sale, half price from Christmas Tree World, even at half price it was still expensive. Last December when I put up our tree, the bottom plastic ring into which you slot the branches broke. Hubby spoke to them on the phone, after emailing them a photo of the broken bit , just a week ago, they promised they would help. Yesterday in the post arrived the replacement bottom section of the tree, all FOC, no bother, no stupid demands from them, just the replacement part to enable us to use the tree this year. Great service.
I have done loads of knitting on my socks, should really be doing a jumper for Will, but I am loving the colours from the yarn, Opal, glitter 4ply. I have just started the second sock, ensuring the colours match.
My daughter had her staples removed from her knee on Monday, I thought she was really brave, we had a coffee out, before heading back home for her to rest, we had fun knitting and chatting together. Will and mummy came to check she was OK.
Tuesday again sign class, we are now two groups, our group is leaning new things, whilst the other group is redoing the classes from last year. The lesson was fun and will become more conversational, everyone enjoyed this morning.
We have had some rain overnight, not much, we could do with more for the pots in the garden, it's still so very grey here. Yesterday I had words with the builders next door asking them to clear and clean the shared drive and to stop leaving dangerous tools outside when they go home, I'm glad I did otherwise the drive would be a sea of mud.


  1. Beautiful sock, such bright colours for such grey days. It's been raining overnight here too. I hope your daughter's knee is soon right. We've often had really good customer service. Genuine businesses rely on customers and will always do their best to help. Good that you managed to have a word with the builders as well. Best, |Jane x

  2. Customer service worth writing about for all the right reasons. Well done Tree World.

  3. We definitely need some colour in our lives to brighten up the dismal greyness recently. Good to hear about good service, we normally only hear the bad stuff.

  4. Great service from the tree people, shame other companys are not so kind and helpful.
    A finished sock - and very cosy it looks too.

  5. Super colour socks :)

    All the best Jan



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