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Monday, 21 January 2019

Will's jumper

The middle ball is for socks for my sister
This little jumper for Will, is such fun to knit, every part of it is knitted on circular or double pointed needles, the only sewing up is the ends of the threads. Mummy left me a jumper to match the size, I did make a few adjustments to the pattern, Will is tall and thin so age 2 was a bit snug and 3-4 was too big, so I used age 2 and added a few stitches to both the body and sleeves, and added rows to the length.  I am thinking I would like to knit one for myself, I already had some yarn, but added a few more balls to my last order. Which arrived today, I have promised myself I will stop purchasing yarn, I have enough for a few projects.
I have done more to my weaving, but the loom is far to basic and the texture is too open, it would be great for making wall hangings, which is not something I would want to do. My eldest daughter has expressed an interest in it, so she can practice and pay a reduced price if she wants it, if not I will sell online. Hubby has ordered me another loom from here, very different, but after watching loads of youtube, and talking to the company who sells it, this will give me the results I require, I have purchased a second heddle bar (the yarn passed through and it is lifted or dropped for the shuttle to pass through), this allows me to use 2 different weights of yarn. The company does courses, but as they are in Scotland and I'm in Hampshire, so a bit too far to travel, but they are very helpful over the phone. Needless to say I'm excited and can't wait for it to arrive. I am not adding this to my stash list, it would blow my budget even more than the huge spend I have had this month. I don't think I would have purchased it without my hubby's push, I think he is being clever, he has been looking at a new expensive lens for his camera.


  1. Will's jumper looks so warm and cosy! I love the simplicity of top-down, raglans. Best, Jane x

  2. Wills jumper looks lovely, you've made great progress.
    I've seen a few bloggers and podcasters weaving, it sounds interesting, look forward to seeing what you do with you new loom.

  3. Will’s jumper is really lovely-your knitting is so beautifully even. I looked at the Weft Blown and see it’s in a village kniwn for Arts and Crafts. I quickly shut the page down before I bought any yarn-so tempting. Enjoy the loom when it arrives.

  4. The jumper is lovely - maybe I will have a go at knitting for my new grandson. It will take me a long time so maybe I will do a 2-3 year old and by the time he reaches that age I might just have finished it. Maybe a bit sooner if I try the circular one like yours!
    Enjoy the loom - what will you make with the fabric you weave?

  5. Will's sweater is so cute. My DH and I have an enabling thing going. I buy charts and he buys books!

  6. Weaving on a rigid heddle loom is on my list, I hope to create enough space for one by the Autumn. I love my peg loom but am ready to move up a notch.

  7. Love the look and colours of Will's jumper, it will keep him nice and warm.

    All the best Jan



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