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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

I've finished and started another

All finished
just in time for the cold weather.

This is my jumper, same pattern as Will's, the wool reminds me of spring.
 The markers are for the raglan increases. 
 This book is all about the different designs I can make using my loom
I have finished reading Down in the woods, another good book set this time in The New Forest, I have read every book in the DI Helen Grace set, the plots are good. I was slightly disappointing with the ending, as I felt it was implausible, won't stop me reading another book once written. I will walk to our library this week to get some more books.
I am loving the new weaving book, it has so many ideas for lovely designs.
I still have this lingering bug, plus I have hurt my wrist, I can't lift of put any pressure on it, so I have put my weaving on hold, I am still watching everything I can find on You tube, I have watch loads of what when wrong videos.
I had some time on Saturday morning with both daughters, Will and Josh, Sam decided he did not want to come. Josh loves Will, so they spent loads of time together. Later I managed to read and rest, and in the evening do some knitting, it rained most of the day, TV was appalling just nothing to watch, hubby still likes the voice, but I can't be bothered with it.
Sunday was sunny and cold, so we popped and visited Su, David and Will, later I spend time doing more knitting.
Monday was play day with Will, too cold for walks, but we did spend almost an hour in the garden, Will is very good at picking up leaves, he is very helpful, plus he loves his outside ride on toys.
Today is sign class, but I'm giving it a miss, I really don't want to go out, maybe my doctor appointment will shed some light on why I'm feeling so yuck.


  1. Beautiful jumper for Will. He's a lucky boy :) The weather's still cool and dull here and spitting with sleety rain BRRRR. I often feel 'ugh can't be bothered' and have to push myself to go out. I love going to our Kingdom meetings, but there are times when I feel I can't be bothered, but I'm always glad that I made myself go. I've never been to a meeting and thought afterwards 'I wish I hadn't bothered' I think it's the winter blues. Hopefully your Dr. will be able to help you. Best, Jane xx

  2. Love the jumper. Hope you feel better soon.

    Julie xxxxx

  3. The jumper is lovely, the colours work really well together. It should keep Will nice and warm in the cold weather we're now having. I'm sorry to hear that you've hurt your wrist, what an inconvenient time for that to happen when you want to get weaving. Hope the doctor can help with your bug, it's horrible when they linger.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. The jumper is lovely.

  5. Lovely jumper - I am seriously thinking about knitting again as I now have 3 grand children and it would be a pity to let the opportunity go by.
    I have been feeling so lethargic this January - not ill just that can't be bothered feeling. We need to sort our garage out but it is just too cold to be in there!

  6. The jumper will look lovely on Will, and the colours of the one you're making for yourself are gorgeous. Fingers crossed that the doctor can help you.

  7. Will's jumper is lovely, is your one knit in Sirdar Baby Crofter? I have recently made a neck shawl with it, and have just started a Preemie baby blanket with the leftover yarn. It is very appealing, and really soft.

    1. Yes it is, and lovely to knit with. Will make a soft warm jumper.

  8. I love Will's jumper, you did it in super quick time too!
    I hope you feel better soon, sometimes it takes a while to shift these bugs, are you taking some vitamin D? Doctor told me to take it throughout the winter months, I felt awful last year and then found out my Vitamin D count was really low, It can affect you more than you realise. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I hope you feel better soon. Might be the tail end of winter, catching up with you? Perfect weather for knitting though. You have such lovely work. :)

  10. Will’s jumper is super and I love the colour of yours too. It is a funny old time of year. Some days Iget masses done and some days I just mootch about and achieve nothing. I suppose in years gone by you might have beenprcribed a tonic. Hopefully nothing serious going on.

  11. I do hope you are feeling better soon.
    Will's jumper looks great, and I like the colours in the yarn for yours.

    All the best Jan



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