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Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Sunny skies

1st daffodil from a pot in the garden, 
the stem had broke so it's been rescued.  
So many bulbs coming through in the garden, all the snowdrops I planted 'in the green' survived and are growing, not too many, but they should spread over the years.
We are having a few sunny days here in Hampshire, we have had some rain, so the sunshine should help the garden, but it's very cold, hats, scarfs are in full use each time we go out. It's warm in the greenhouse, when I pop in to do jobs, I don't need to wear my coat, as yet I have not installed the heater, it's not necessary, but I expect it will be needed in Feb and March. We are having frost every morning, but it's not icy.
I have run out of navy wool for Will's jumper, I should have planned better, but he wear's alot of navy so I wanted the panel to be bigger. So I have ordered 2 more balls of navy, I will have enough of the mid blue and the green, with the navy to make a second jumper. I am going to cast on the second jumper whilst waiting for the wool to arrive.
Normal week here, Will played all day with us on Monday, he watched the builders next door, so we put Bob the Builder on TV for him, he loved it.
Tuesday, sign class, it was my turn to lead the class, my subject was families, at the moment it's not about learning more signs, it about what words to use and what to leave out, and the order of your sentence. Later I sat and read a book.
I have been informed my loom is on it's way, plus a book which will help me get started so I'm getting excited, the navy wool will be here before the weekend.
Next time I visit my eldest daughter, I want to pop to her local charity shop, which has a huge craft section and buy some cheap wool for practice on the loom.


  1. It's very icy here this morning, very cold too, brrrr. Will's jumper looks great, that hasn't taken you long. I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment, I've hardly picked my knitting up, I just can't settle to much at the moment.

  2. Is that a hellebore, Marlene? (the white one tinged with deep pink, above the daffodil). It's absolutely gorgeous. Will's jumper is looking really good.

    1. Yes Sue, it's beautiful, they love woody shaded areas, so this is planted under my Magnolia tree at the end of the raspberry plot. The true joy is it's the 1st plant to flower in my garden each year.

  3. It was very icy here this morning and so cold.
    Will's jumper is looking great.
    Looking forward to seeing the new loom and hearing how you get on with it.

  4. That blue sky looks so lovely …

    All the best Jan



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