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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sunday catch-up

This is going to be the quickest knit ever.

 The markers show where the sleeve are, 
the yellow marker is the start of each row. 
  £2.50 per set, so very cheap
New author for me
I am totally in love with this knit down design, on circular needles, it a pure bliss to knit, easy to follow and because of the size quick to knit. The pattern has some garter stitch in, but I decided to ignore it and knit a plain jumper. Daughter loves the colours chosen, as do I, it helps when you are knitting with everything you are comfortable with. 
This set of 3 books I have on my ipad, they were a free download onto kindle, I have finished the 1st book, which wasn't too many pages. They are set just along the coast from where we live, so interesting to read.
We stayed in yesterday, preferring to keep Will inside, I have picked up the bugs going round, so I am happy to stay in the warm, with knitting and reading, I can keep myself busy. 
I used my new Vax floor steamer, which I use on my solid wood, ceramic and cushion floor surfaces, it's much lighter than the old one, but it uses the same toweling pads, I was pleased with the cleaning and it did not leave the floors too wet. Plus it only uses water, no chemicals and the pads are washed in the machine. 
Today hubby is cooking a brisket of beef in the slow cooker, we got the meat half price in the Co-op, but as we used the last of our vouchers, it cost us nothing. I also got the lights, I love these, once you turn them on, the stay on for 6 hours and then it come back on the next day at the same time, I use rechargeable batteries in these. I already have a few set around the house in dark corners, it's handy they sort them selves out. 


  1. I love knitting in the round, no sewing up to do so once you come to the end of the pattern, you're finished. Yum, brisket is delicious when cooked slowly, ideal for cooking in the slow cooker. Enjoy!

  2. I can't knit on straight needles let alone circular. Hehe. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I love knitting top down, it's so much quicker than knitting and sewing up pieces. I love the colours you chose too :-)

  4. Brisket of beef in the slow cooker sounds yummy - hope you enjoyed it :)

    All the best Jan



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