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Friday, 4 January 2019

Memory lane

I made this silk arrangement from my Christmas decorations, 
I like it on my kitchen windowsill 
I have had these books for year, 
the patterns inside are from when my daughters were babies, 
loads of happy knitting memories.
 The blue jumper was my 1st item I made myself, 1 was 17 
 Knitting for tiny tears and dear old postman Pat
 My older sister gave me these old patterns, 
I am tempted to make one, the yarn is very thin.
 Yarn for Will's jumper
Having purchased the Aran yarn to make a new cardi for myself, I spent a lovely afternoon wading through my patterns, I do have a choice of designs I can use. I pulled out my knitting pattern books, I love the two above, which are filled with all my old patterns, all kept for the 70's and 80's, I also have a few bigger sized booklets. Some many patterns I have loved knitting. I found the graft for a leaping fish, I put that on the back of a jumper for my Godson, when he was about 10, he is all grown up with his own family now.
I will make a couple of striped jumpers for Will first, they are so small and will knit up quickly, plus I can add the the body length, he is a tall boy.
I am not doing much craft, other than crochet, my ripple blanket will be finished in the next couple of days, I will have yarn left over so I will make more small granny squares for a blanket, which I started back in August with the leftover sock yarn, I love the idea to be able to use all of my 4ply in this way.
It's a very cold sunny morning here, I have a couple of drawers to sort, I am working my way through my craft room, removing lots of stuff I know I won't use, today I am looking at cross stitch magazines, I have a huge drawer fill of them. Later I am taking Josh and Sam out for an hour, their mum, my eldest daughter had a operation on her knee and needs to rest. 


  1. I was about 5 or 6 when Mum taught me to knit. When I was very little I used to just sit and watch her knit. I'd hold the end of one needle and I thought I was knitting too! Knitting has always been my first love and I've lost count of how many hundreds of things I must have knit over the years for myself, family, the kids and friends. Happy days. Best, Jane x

  2. I love the dolls clothes pattern, they are all 'vintage' now and making a come-back :-)
    My craft room is in need of a sort out, trouble is i get side-tracked when i'm in there!

  3. My mum had boxes full of old patterns, many of which I knit when I was young. She sent them all to the charity shop when they moved house a few years ago, I could have cried. Sending my best wishes for your daughter's swift recovery, it must be very hard for her getting about at the moment after her knee operation.

  4. I have a 4 ply blanket in my minds eye, I have wound 4 x 100 gram balls and still have leftovers to wind. Once they are all balled up I will make a start.

  5. I love the old patterns they are so stylish.

  6. Get well wishes for your daughter.
    I inherited lots of patterns from my grandmother and mother in law. I've knitted Pat and jess from that pattern many many years ago and I'm sure I have a book very similar to those.

  7. My one regret about having Bluebell is the lack of knitting due to her being a right nosypants! Hopefully as she matures I will be able to knit something without her helping me or bogging off with the wool!

  8. My dear Mum was a great knitter and had so many patterns ...alas it's something I've never done.

    Sending get well wishes for your daughter.

    All the best Jan



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