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Friday, 11 January 2019

Stash enhancement

My wool order arrived.
 These 4 shades are for a jumper for Will, I'm doing a knit down design, which I have not knitted before, the pattern I am following uses 4ply yarn, I will use these as a first knit, then I should be able to adjust the pattern for the DK yarn I have. 
 I fell for the glitter yarn for socks, 
so I had a sneaky cast on yesterday
 1st read of the year.
It's been a busy few of days, with the postman calling twice, I also have my weaving loom, but I will post on it soon. I spent yesterday with my eldest daughter, who is still resting after her knee operation, we did a bit of housework and then we sat, chatted and knitted, hence the start of a new sock.
My daughter has had her 40th birthday, I have no idea where the years have gone, I can hardly believe I am now watching our grand sons growing up, my age is no reflection of the person I feel I am.
Tuesday's sign class was good, loads of fun catching up with everyone, and hearing the plans for this term. As well as learning, it's a very social time, we spent loads of time just chatting about our Christmas break.
I found time to read my 1st book of this year, I have as always a pile of books to read.
Today we are meeting Will and mummy at a local garden center, it's the one with the tractor in the play area, I have no plans to purchase anything other than lunch.


  1. I can see why you couldn't resist the cast on, that sparkly yarn is so pretty. Squishy parcels are the best.

  2. Wool deliveries are great. The sparkly cast on looks pretty.

  3. Love all the yarns especially the glittery one. I also like Adele Parks when I'm in chick lit mood.

  4. I cannot resist new balls of wool! Happy birthday to your daughter xx

  5. Beautiful choices with the colors. Can't wait to see what you make.

  6. I really ought to take up knitting for my grandchildren there are so many lovely things to knit but I fear they will have grown out of it before I finish!

  7. No new yarn here for a little while longer. I look forward to seeing your weaving loom, it is on my wish list for this year. I am hoarding random bits of various yarn left overs to play with.

  8. Your new yarns look good, have fun and enjoy using them :)
    Hope Will enjoys the tractor - I'm sure he will.

    All the best Jan



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