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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

It's January again.

New yarn, Aran weight
 Everyone loves books as Christmas gifts
 In the garden, new life, 1st snowdrop
Summer plants still in bloom
This morning we took a trip to Hobbycraft, I wanted to look at a couple of things, I am doing a felting course later in the spring, and I want to start weaving, so I wanted to see whats about. I did not get anything for these hobbies, I will get on a weaving course, once completed I should know what is required for both hobbies, if I want to do more.
I only wanted envelopes (A6) but as the cards and envelopes were in the sale at just 50p more than just the envelopes, I got another pack of cards as well. I did look for navy card, but could not find what I wanted.
I have a couple of thick cardi's which I love but they are not all looking good enough to wear out. This yarn is 97% Acrylic and 3% Viscose, and on sale 3 for the price of 2 (total spend £20), I can't wear pure wool or wool mixes, I am allergic to the lanolin, it makes me itch. Now I am looking for similar knitting patterns, so another project to make.
I am also looking for a neck down jumper pattern to knit for my 2 year old grandson, I have double knitting wool to use as striped design, so neck down will be easier for me to match the stripes, has anyone the link to a tried pattern, your suggestions will help me choose.
Afterwards I had a walk around the garden, everywhere is looking good, new growth is showing, BUT still I have summer plants looking healthy, it's another crazy winter.
It's exciting to be at the start of another new year, it's crazy how this time of year everything is so full of hope, so much to look forward to. Plenty of reading and crafts, until spring makes an appearance.


  1. I don't often visit Hobbycraft but it's good if you want to shop or browse more than one craft as everything's under one roof, great at sale time too.
    The Flax and Flax Light patterns by Tin Can Knits are very popular and are written in sizes from newborn to adult but they're written for aran and 4 ply weights, though you could adapt them, they're both top down.
    I want to try and clear my Kindle, I have quite a few books waiting to be read on there but I've seen a few titles that are in their deals at the moment which look good so I may be adding to the books I've got to read before I actually start on clearing them.

  2. Knitting and reading and gardening sound wonderful for the start of this new year, Marlene. I am knitting a washcloth but really must get back to the shawl I started nearly a year ago!! I borrowed lots of books and a couple of dvds from the library and am enjoying reading and watching those. And I am always out in the garden first thing in the morning, I love to wander or water or pick a few flowers then.

    It's so good to have things to look forward to in our lives. I once went to a conference, about health and wellbeing, and having things to hope on and to look forward to were so important for a positive frame of mind. I hope 2019 brings you much joy! MegXx

  3. What lovely wool, it'll make a nice cardigan.
    That's the first snowdrop I've seen this year .... Lol
    Enjoy your new books.

  4. Well, I have to say that is the very first snowdrop I've seen this year! Amazing.

    All the best Jan



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