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Monday, 7 January 2019

1st finish

The train set has a nice new bag for storage

 A smaller bag for the people, animals and trees.
I enjoyed a sewing session on Saturday afternoon, Will's train set is now packed away tidy, and fits into his toy box. I have more sewing to do, but it can be done at another time.
I've finished sorting here in my craft room, I have done the last huge drawer, this is where I keep cards, envelopes and other card making items, I have had a huge sort out and passed on loads of cards I have made but will never send, my taste have changed so much since I started making my own cards, having less means I can see what I have.
I also sorted my fabric stash, but as I knew, I have just put it all back neat and tidy, I was looking for a piece of fabric, which I found, but was too small for the task.
On the plus, I found some thin yarns which I can use for weaving, I have 7 lovely colours, so I will be able to play, plus cotton I can use for the weft, I purchased them in Spain years ago, just because I loved the colours. I have ordered a loom and a few shuttles, should be here in the next couple of days. I will start watching you tube for tips. I have added the cost to my stash list.
All the left over yarn from the ripple blanket is popped into a soft bag, I can pull it out when I want a simple craft to do, I will use it all up on small granny crotchet squares.
Saturday night we were at neighbours house, it's the annual eat it up supper with added extra of wine, we had fun it's good to catch up, plus so much wonderful cheese.
Today I have Will for the day and hubby is back to his small driving job, he now just takes two disabled boys to school and then takes them home later, just 3 days a week, so everything is back to normal. Sign class starts back tomorrow, it will be lovely to catch up with everyone again.


  1. Well done on your new makes-this will be the year I tackle zip bags!! I have not quite ginished my sorting but a few more sessions will finish it.

    1. Always put the zip in first and make the bag around it.

  2. The bags look great. I'm looking forward to seeing the weaving.

  3. I have finished my sewing room and all is put to rights. I managed to knit through enough yarn to bring 3 jumper quantities out of deep stash storage. I plan on getting some sewing time in later and of course i will be knitting in the evening.

  4. This is something I miss, making little things for the kids. Mine are all grown and the Grandchildren also, makes me sound so old, lol Lovely idea.

    1. I would like to start making my clothes again, but I have loads of clothes and it's so expensive to purchase fabrics.

  5. The drawstring bags are a great idea for storing small toys.

  6. It's a good way to store the wooden railway, there's so many little bits and pieces that they soon get lost unless they're put away safely. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your weaving.

  7. My hubby returned to work today and its quite nice having a few hours without him. Love the bags and can't wait to start my crafting again.

  8. Great little bags, we have lots here for my grandaugher, it does make it easier when they want to play and you don't have to oust everything from the toy box to get all the pieces.
    Great news hubby is back behind the wheel again.
    I'm looking forward to getting back to my routine again this week.

  9. The bags look so good.
    It sounds as if life is getting back to normal, I'm so pleased for you :)

    All the best Jan



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