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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Targets in 2019

2018 total spend

I am aiming to reduce this spending, bringing it back to under £1000, I almost doubled my garden spend on the previous year, wool was a new addition to the list, but will stay. I spent nothing on cross stitch, I have a good stash of fabrics and silks, but sadly I am still not working on much. So gardening is my focus, I did a few different things, most of which failed, so this year my aim is to spend no more than £400, which was my spend in 2017.
I did last year start another list for Shoes, clothes, books and household, but I got lazy in the middle of the year and the everything other than clothes and shoes fell away.
I aim to allow myself £30 per month for clothes and shoes, I already know I won't need much this year, I am in the habit of not buying just because I see items. But it will be nice to have a small budget.
I was good with books at the start of the year and through the summer, but I did buy loads in the latter months of last year. I was really bad with garden magazines in the summer, I do have gardeners world on subscription, which will finish this year, I won't renew, I have kept all the magazines in the two years, so I can refer to them. But I was getting other gardening magazines, those with the free seeds, cost effective, but I didn't use the seeds, I gave them away.
I read 49 books last year, much less than in 2017, but loads of my time has been taken up with crochet and my ripple blanket.
I am going to add to a second list to my craft list page, showing clothes and books, by having a list it keeps it in my mind not to waste my money.
We are planning on a low spend January, we still have £50 in Co-op vouchers and full food cupboards and freezers, so this is an easy challenge, I do want to keep good stocks of food, just in case Brexit in March causes any issues.
We are not adding to our waste targets, we know where we are aiming for, it's just a case of being mindful.
On the truly plus side, I always weigh  myself on Jan 1st, this year I am 8lbs lighter than last year, and less than a pound heaver than Jan 2017, I am more than pleased with myself, no diet, just being sensible.

Clear values for this year, not many changes, just following our chosen path.


  1. It is good to have plans - good luck!

  2. You do so well in keeping track of your spending, I know I'd never keep up with jotting down all my spends. It's good when it comes to the end of the year though and you and see how much you've spent on anything and make changes accordingly.

  3. I am just on with analysing my spending over last year - it is sometimes a shock for me to see how much I have spent on a category especially if I buy in little bits over the year. I remember my dad spent a lot on his garden it was his passion up to the day he could no longer do it - I think it was well spent though - he had a beautiful garden.
    Well done on the weigh in - that always feels a good start to the year.

  4. I'm taking a leaf out of your book and keeping a record of what i spend on craft items this year. I don't want to buy charts and yarn just for the sake of it when I have plenty in my stash i could choose to use. I didn't to a big shop before Christmas and we still have loads left, we were saying last night that we were glad we didn't go overboard. I used to stockpile food but now with only the 2 of us (just me in the week) i don't feel the need.
    Good luck with your goals for 2019.

  5. Great idea to keep a record of spending, Marlene, I should try to do the same.

  6. I think I will do what I said I'd do last year and didn't! Which was to take a leaf outta your book and keep track of spending!

  7. At least you are starting with good goals!

  8. Good luck with your spending plans. You are so good at keeping track.

  9. You are good at keeping track of things, and well done on the weigh in :)

    All the best Jan



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