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Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Water, this heatwave is set to last for most of July
Plastic lids, these can't be put in our recycling bins
Coffee and tea bags
Vegetable peeling
I can't save the planet by myself, I'm just one person, living a good life and wanting to pass on a better world to our children and grandchildren.
I can do my bit, and as we become more aware of the consequence of our modern life, we are striving to live as clean as we can.

Our ongoing heatwave has me worried about water, my garden is small, but already my water butts are running low on water, so I am saving as much water as I can and reusing it in the garden, the toilet through out the day is only flushed when I need too,  small steps, but as they say every little helps.
We are reducing the amount of one use plastics coming into our home, we avoid purchasing plastic where we can, and reuse what we already have, we save these plastic tops, which our local council tell us we can't recycle, we pass them on to a local charity who save them towards the cost of children's electric wheelchairs, again by myself I could not save enough, but together we can make the difference.
Food waste is huge here in the UK, we have been striving to reduce ours, we do not waste any meat and very little dairy, coffee and tea bags are used on my garden, the coffee filters are used in the bottom of plant pots, saves the soil being washed away. All our veg waste is going to our worms, they are thriving and later I will have lovely compost and liquid plant food.
We also stopped shopping, Saturday no longer is spent in shops, we spend time together, lots of time together at home. I am trying this year not to buy new clothes, I was weak in February and did get a few items in the sale, so my year will be March 18 to end of February 19, I feel really confident I can do this, like most of us, I have far too many clothes and shoes.
We are also looking at our car, we walk everywhere around the village, and if we have the need to go to town, we take the bus, hubby has his bus pass, so I only have to pay the fare, it is cheaper than parking, and the bus is always running, saving a trip in our car.
Each of the things we are doing is small, but with so many of us thinking the same way, we can make a difference, we can improve the environment for our wildlife and generations to come. It is easy to say it's too late, but I believe it's not too late, some aspects of our world is in peril, but lets pull together and start a good revolution.
What are you saving


  1. I do much the same as you, I save the few plastic tops that I get and threaded onto garden string they make effective(so far) bird scarers. I have 2 large compost bins and put woody stuff through the chipper. I buy most of my fruit and veg loose and always carry small cotton bags for those. Any solid fat from cooking gets tipped into a dish with seeds and dried fruit, once set in the fridge it goes onto the bird table.

  2. I like the way you are doing what you can to consciously reduce waste. Imagine, if we all did that, what the collective outcome would be! Meg☺

  3. We try to buy as little plastic as possible, it’s so annoying when things are overpackaged. Every little bit helps xx

  4. We all need to do our bit don't we … I think packaging is one of the worst culprits …

    All the best Jan

  5. We're doing as much as we can too.
    Hubby was only saying tonight he is going to fit a diverter to the drainpipe to recycle shower/sink water to use in the garden.

  6. That's good stuff Marlene, and we are doing much of the same as you.

  7. i too am doing my best to cut down on the plastic,there's a Huge Campaign going on here in Cornwall as so much of it is in our Ocean and on the Beaches.We are allowed to put our plastic bottle tops in the recycling here.I do what you do with the Loo.Good to know there are people out there doing their best for our planet.x



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