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Thursday, 5 July 2018

This life

If you liked Me before you, Jojo Moyes, you should love this.
I could not put this down
Next to read
I am not crafting at all, with tennis on TV and a few good books, I have very little time. We even watched the England football match on Tuesday night, which is a first in our house. I am avoiding thinking time, I would like to switch my brain off, but alas we are not wired that way, reading a gripping book is the next best thing. I did enjoy The Secret, by Katerina Diamond and would happily look for another of her books.
I have been busy in the garden, I popped to our local market on Wednesday and got a couple of plants to fill gaps, I am really pleased with my garden this year, it's not perfect, but just much closer to what I want. I am harvesting, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and radishes, the spring onions decided not to grow. Herbs are abundant, strawberries are over, but I am picking blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries. The gooseberries are almost ready as well. I have made a summer pudding and blueberry muffins with our own fruit, and plan a gooseberry crumble as a treat for hubby.
 Hubby got me a gift for my greenhouse
It will be very handy for nights away, allowing my cucumber, tomato and peppers to have a limited supply of water, he purchased it on Amazon, it was £1 more but he had free postage. We have found another spot for another water butt to collect rain from our roof, it's his next project. 

Life is much the same here, we see Will and mummy often, he is a happy little boy and brings joy to our hearts. I miss not seeing so much of our other grand sons, but as they grow up their lives get busy as well.


  1. I love having a book that I can’t put down. We could do with an irrigation system like that, may have a look on amazon xx

  2. There is nothing like a book to help that brain quiet down! You are so lucky to have Will and his mom nearby. Our only 2 grand children live more than a thousand miles away! However, our DD is close and she is a dear.

  3. We definitely need an irrigation system and I am leaving D in charge of getting one sorted out. I love having a stash of books to read. My pile has somewhat depleted this year and time has not allowed for too many books so far this year it seems to be taking me a lot longer to get through a book at the moment.


  4. I am a real Bookworm,I read Me Before You and the Sequal,great books.I am also a Tennis nut and don't get anything done while it is on.x



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