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Monday, 30 July 2018

July done

Really good month
The weather helped, it was just too hot to do anything, fabrics were fat quarters and some material to make a few bags. Plus four pounds spent on off cuts of pretty fabrics. Mainly plants for the garden to fill gaps. Plus a pack of card reduced.
My sister gave me some colouful plain cottons, she wants me to make her some shopping bags, she is doing a craft table later in the year, I have some black and white checked fabric I can use, the colour cotton will be used as bright liners.
I did purchase a pair of trousers, which brings my spend this year to £63.75 for clothes, so I am changing my challenge, to spend as little as I can. I still have not purchased any shoes, so I am aiming to last the whole year without buying any.
My steps were really good at the start of the month, over 10,000 every day, but the extreme temperatures and the weekends rain ensured my steps dropped and averaged at 8,506 in July.
Our recycling is on track, we are both pleased with our progress, it's still hard and we do still get one use plastics, but we are now actively avoiding them where we can.
I have been really pleased with the water we saved through out July, as with everything else, once you start thinking about what we are doing, everything becomes clearer and we can make changes.
I have a couple of purchases in August, I need to replace some of the flowers in my cut bed, they have been great but they are going over now, I will get 3 dahlias, which should give me flowers for a few months, I am also watching Wilkinson's for their end of season garden sale, I could do with a few make stakes, and love to get them at half price.


  1. No shoes!!! Oh my. What about purses?!!?! Good job on keeping track of everything. It’s just like when you write down everything you eat you become more aware of what you are eating. Same with what you are doing. Nice of you to make bags for your sisters craft table. Have fun sewing!


    1. As a total failure to females everywhere I am not a bag person, love my shoes but I only have a few bags.

  2. I haven't been knitting as much as I usually do either, it's just been too hot. You're doing well with your spending.

  3. Great budgeting. Writing it down certainly focuses the mind.

  4. Well done ...

    Can you believe it's the last Monday in July - the month has whizzed by!

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  5. I am a Bag person but Not a Shoe person lol.



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