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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

After the rain

Looking good
 I love this area
 Good read
I spent yesterday afternoon in the garden, Will helped me pick up loads of leaves, the high winds removed all the loose ones and blew them around our small plot. I don't like to see leaves on the ground. I dead headed everywhere, the side garden is still looking good, a couple of bare spots, but it's market day tomorrow, so I can find something to fill the spaces. My raised cut bed is not so good, most of the flowers have gone leggy and going over, so I am going to have to sort it this week.
The blackberries are coming thick and fast now, Will had loads straight from the bush, which thankfully is too high for him, I think if he could get to them he would eat them all, he checked the strawberries to see if there were any, sadly nothing for him. I hope to be able to string the blackberries along the side of the garage, keeping them high, so we can use the path.
Both water-butts are again fill, we had rain again in the night, but the forecaste for the rest of the week is again dry hot and sunny, it will be great to enjoy the garden without the worry of water shortages. I do hope they have had enough rain up in north west, so their proposed hosepipe ban does not come into affect.
When it rains I settle down with a good book to read, I had two, Hide and Seek followed on from Little Boy Blue, both were great, no TV, just loads of fresh coffee and time to read. Still no crafting, but that's normal for me in the summer.
Today I have a few task outside the house, pop to town, lunch out and then back for another lazy afternoon. The line is full of clean washing from the weekend, so tomorrow is ironing day.


  1. It still felt quite muggy here yesterday after the rain at the weekend but it's nice and fresh today. I had a full wash basket of clothes which I emptied yesterday, I got it all dry and ironed, and today I've got Eleanor's bedding and the towels on the line. It's a good drying day as it's warm but there's a bit of a breeze, which is nice. Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. Your garden is looking good. My garden always has a smattering of leaves because we have a large oak tree, I would prefer not to have them but I've got used to them over the last 4 years of living here. We've had a good downpour too, the garden looks all the better for it, it was starting to look very faded.

  3. Hubby brought me a box of blackberries back from work yesterday. Apple and Blackberry jam on the go now.

  4. You really do have such a lovely garden.

  5. Your yard look wonderful!!

  6. Your garden looks great :)

    All the best Jan



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