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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Meanwhile inside

Bathroom window sill, I love the mixture of pots here. 
I saw a pot like this which inspired me to plant this one 
Mummy Spider plant
Another good book, it did send you all over the place. 
 Two more ready for me to read.
So many of my house plants are doing well in this heat, the top 3 are in the bath room, the spider plant is next to my keyboard, it's huge. The babies I took last week are growing well and should be ready for the charity shop soon.
It's been a busy week, Monday Will and I had fun together, all inside.
Tuesday I had morning coffee with the sign class ladies, again sat inside. 
Wednesday we had a afternoon BBQ in our garden for friends with young children, Will and mummy came as well, we used all the shady places in the garden and added more shade with our gazebo, it was fun but again we did have time inside. 
Today hubby and I are having coffee with an old friend. Later hubby will paint, our bedroom is almost finished, hubby has painted all the doors and just has the skirting boards left to do.  Next week he starts on the stairs which has loads of gloss paint, again it's an easier task as it's just a rub down and repainting, when we moved in hubby took all the gloss paint off before he painted everywhere. 
Friday my sister and her partner are coming for a couple of days. 
I have done no craft, I have half a sock to finish knitting, some pretty cross stitch sits waiting for me, I do go out in the garden early morning to dead head and tidy around, pick harvest. I also go our at 8pm to do some watering, I don't feel guilty watering the garden, I save loads of water from the house for my thirsty plants. I was going to get some plants, but this heat is too much for planting out anything. 


  1. It sounds like you're having an enjoyable week. My knitting has slowed down somewhat, it's just too hot to pick up the needles.

  2. Sounds like a lovely but busy week. I wouldn't be able to dig the ground in our garden to put any plants in, it's so dry and we have clay soil so it makes it even harder. I've taken lots of babies off my spider plant, I might have to take them to the charity shop as no one I know seems to want one.

  3. Goodness, a busy week indeed. I’m planning to set some time aside for making shirts (liberty fabric) hopefully next week. Love all your plants and good to hear at least some things are flourishing in this heat wave. X

  4. Your week sounds busy … but in a good way.
    Your spider plant looks amazing, glad the plants are doing well.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your comments about the gardening and the heat could almost be my comments. Like you , I go out early and late. I am getting so tired of this summer heat! Sounds like a good week with family and friends!

  6. The little plants for the bathroom are beautiful. Still no rain yet?



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