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Friday, 27 July 2018


Our Magnolia tree is producing flowers
 They do not last very long
 They are stunning
 Hubby will put this on the wall for my passion flower
 I love these dahlias 
Thursday evening weather promised on my phone, 
needless to say we got zero rain, nothing, 
loads of black clouds, a very muggy night, but everywhere is still dry. 
Our Magnolia tree is suffering in this heatwave, earlier this year the buds were damaged twice by the snow, and we had a poor showing of flowers. So now in the middle of a heat wave it is flowering again, I am glad we keep this tree small, it's just to wonderful to lose to the weather. I pick up leaves off the lawn at least three times a day. The twisted Willow I planted last year is doing well, it's losing leaves but still looks healthy.
On the whole the garden is not too bad, it's small enough to water, most of my fruit have finished, just blackberries and late raspberries left, I am picking blackberries each day, but they are small.
It is one of the few times when I am pleased I don't have a huge garden, every garden blogger is saying the same, crops are poor, low yeald, and hard work to keep watering.
The heat in the greenhouse is giving good crops on tomatoes, cucumbers and the pepper plant is full, but I'm watering twice a day, needless to say the succulents and cacti love it.
Me I'm just wilting


  1. We had a thunderstorm last night and torrential rain, it soon cleared up but we're having more of the same this morning. The problem with rain like this is that it damages plants, as much as we want the rain it would be better if it wasn't coming down quite so hard. It hasn't freshened things up though, it's still very warm and muggy.

  2. Oh wow, that dahlia is stunning! Mine have got buds on but no flowers yet. The sun has damaged the leaves on one of my Camellias and my Azalea, I've left the hose run on my Rhododendron a few time, (naughty i know) but the leaves had started to curl and i would hate to loose it, it's been in the garden a long time. The one time i decided not to try tomatoes again and they probably would have done well this year with all the sun! Have a good weekend.

  3. That's a very confused magnolia, but so pretty :)

  4. That magnolia is very pretty. We used to have that dahlia and it had lots of blooms. We almost lost it 2 winters ago so now we just have 2 blooms on one stem.

  5. The magnolia does look a pretty colour.
    Pleased to read that your tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper plant are doing well.

    All the best Jan



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