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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Marwell Zoo

Will looking cute
 He loved the animal signs
 So many of the animals and birds were watching us
 Huge area's for the animals, loads mixed in these spaces.
 Best photo of the tiger
It has a wheel
 Another wheel
Everyone together 
We spent a lovely day at Marwell Zoo, we have been before but it was years ago, when Josh was young, I think in 2008. The zoo is well cared for, there is plenty of space for little one's to run about, they put in windows in most of the enclosures at child height, it is a good family destination. The restaurants were well stocked, a good choice of meals, and not too expensive. I am not always keen on viewing animals in cages, even if they are much better than the zoo's of our childhood. The tropical house was very good, a smaller version of the Eden project, with a path which sends you from the top of the house through to floor level, loads of beautiful plants, and butterflies.
In the sunshine, it was perfect, Will spent loads of time running about, he was not really interested in most of the animals, unless it was a car or tractor, he did not spend too much time watching, but we enjoyed our time there.
  Recreating a photo, we did a few, these were the best to show.
Over night we had an hour's rain, first rain in two months, not nearly enough, but as they say every little helps. 


  1. It looks great for a day out, I'm glad you had a good time. I'm not keen on zoos either but, as you say, they're much better these days than they used to be and many do a good job with conservation and education too.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. It’s such a smashing place. Used to visit all the time when the kids were small x

  4. What a great place to take Will. He is just adorable. This post reminded me of when we took our little(now 13)grandson to visit a zoo. Love those cute shoes!!

  5. Looks like s really fun filled family day out.

  6. Oh what a lovely post.

    Lovely seeing all of your photographs - what a wonderful day out it was.

    All the best Jan



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