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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Wet, wet, wet

Just a few library books
 Home made gifts.
Tidy Passion flower
 Glorious rain. 
Firstly, like loads others we are having rain, first since May, we had a couple of showers in the past few days, but today it has been raining since 5am, lovely steady rain everywhere is looking much better, our water butts are being replenished. I am now really happy.
I have finished Liar, Liar by M J Arlidge, I enjoyed the book so much, it's set in Southampton which is local to us, I popped to our local library and got a couple more books, the two other books by Amanda Prowse, an author suggested by Jo from Through the keyhole
This week we were gifted jam and chutney, both homemade, we tried the jam this morning, hubby will get to eat all the chutney as I don't like ginger.
Hubby put the climbing frame on the wall for my passion flower, no blooms as yet, but I purchased a very small plant last year from our local charity shop, so I don't mind waiting whilst it grows.
My sister and her partner visited for the weekend, they are driving home now, we had a quiet time together, the weather not being great to be able to go out much. She brought her large sewing machine for me to have a play with, it's a Brother, so a different make than mine, I am looking forward to having some fun, she was not able to show me how to use it as she was unable to work out for herself. I have often thought it would be nice to have a multi function machine, and I did look at different models, but in truth, I would not use many of the functions, so I am sticking with my trusted machine.
We did go out for lunch on Saturday, mummy and Will came with us, Will was super cute, waving at everyone, he loves our local Bistro and always gets cuddles with one of the owners. It is lovely when you take him out and be behaves wonderful, he does have his moments when all you want is to get him home as quick as you can.
I plan to sit and read this afternoon, tomorrow, I will have gardening to do, the lawn is covered in leaves.


  1. We've had storms over the last couple of days with torrential rain but they've been on and off. This morning it's been very grey and it's rained steadily but it's drying up again now. It's much cooler today than it has been, though I'm still in shorts, it's quite muggy. Thanks for the mention. Are these the first Amanda Prowse books you've read? I hope you enjoy them. I've got her latest two waiting on my Kindle to read. Glad you enjoyed the weekend with your sister.

    1. I have read the food of love, which you sent to me, which now has been passed on.

    2. Oh yes, I forgot about that. I hope you enjoy these two.

  2. Lots of help on utube for most sewing machines, Marlene. That’s how I finally found how to thread myboverlocker that had sat for a year in the box! I’m swing today because (a) I can focus as I not expiring and ( b) I am sittiing at the patio doors watching the rain teeming down and bringing life back to the garden. Happy me.

  3. It's so lovely seeing the rain. We had torrential rain frFrid evening including hail. The wind has been very strong since. Today we've had steady rain all day.

  4. The Aldridge books are quite good are'nt they? I was born and breed just outside Soton so also enjoy the setting. Just that occasionally she does change things - or has Bevois Valley really become Bevois Mount?? (latest book)

  5. The rain has refreshed my whole garden.. It can stop now.. :-)

  6. Enjoyed my catch up read of your news. Our garden plants have not fared well with the heat, the community allotment plot is not so good either. Like you the greenhouse crops are thriving with the heat, cucumber especially doing well.
    Today we've had lots of rain and its been bliss! .... nice to be so much cooler too.
    Will is growing into a lovely little chap. The zoo pics are lovely.

  7. Rain, wonderful rain :)

    All the best Jan

  8. I am envious of that wonderful rain!

  9. We had a smattering of rain but no where near as much as I thought we'd get for the garden.



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