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Sunday, 8 July 2018


Summer pudding, first time I've made this
 Most of the fruit was home grown,
 just added a few purchased strawberries
perfect with ice cream and clotted cream
 This mornings harvest
I am so pleased to have gooseberries, these are the first fruit for years, my bushes have been attacked by sawfly each spring, this year I had to resort to a chemical spray, which I could only use early before the fruit formed. Hubby will decide how to use these, I don't like them. I also picked the last of the blackcurrants, another fruit I don't like, this is my second picking, again not a huge harvest, but much better than last year. The blueberries are ongoing, the two bushes are full of berries which need to ripen. 
 From the greenhouse
I am going to try a fridge pickle for the cucumbers, I will pass one on to daughter, the yellow tomatoes are giving me a steady crop. 
 On the left is my plant outside the green house
on the right the bush inside, both full of fruits.
 This is the best crop of peppers for ages
again I don't eat these, 
but once ripe I will dry them for use through out the winter months. 
 Another good read
It's too hot, there I have said it, I can't take it back, I now understand why we go on holiday for just two weeks, any longer and the sun gets too much for me. I was outside early to harvest the fruits and salad items, it was nice to sit in the shade picking fruits, I have learn't how to pick gooseberries, slowly and carefully, I managed only a couple of scratches. I really do love my hubby to grow so many things just for him, I have been promising him gooseberries for over five years, so it's a result to have a harvest this summer, I was sadden to use the chemical spray, but every year all the fresh green leaves were stripped by sawfly.  The blackcurrant bush loves the new bigger pot, there are loads of new growth showing, I will cut some of the branches back, but not unlit the weather breaks.
I have finished reading Wilde Like me, first book from author Louise Penland, I not sure if I would race out and get another one by her.
Sport on TV yesterday was great, tennis I loved, but was miffed when BBC decided to switch from Nadal match to show the ladies No 1 seed losing her match, it was at the point of Nadal serving for the match!!
We both sat and watched England play, it's so good to see a young team and their Manager Gareth Southgate do so well. It's good to see a manager who is all about the team and not full of Bull sh*t as many have been before him.


  1. Everything looks so fresh and delicious. I am really fed up with the heat wave now as I really don’t do well in it.

  2. Summers pudding is my eldest daughter's favourite!

  3. Love your blog.I was watching the Hairy Bikers making that this morning,have always wanted to try and make one meself.Yours looks delicious.Phew,yep it sure is hot,my ironing pile is getting higher lol.Love all the wonderful fruit and veg.x

  4. Your summer pudding looks ... Summery and delicious! Meg:)

  5. You keep saying what a small garden you have, but that's a great harvest :-)

  6. What a great harvest from your garden, i'm afraid i'n not a fan of summer pudding though. I managed to avoid the football, Mark went to the pub to watch it and I went food shopping while it was quiet :-) I very rarely put the TV on when Mark is away during the week so not watched any tennis either, can you tell i'm not very sporty lol

  7. I've never had summer pudding, it looks wonderful.

    Totally agree with you about Gareth Southgate. I would have been miffed too with the tennis match switching at such an important moment!



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