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Monday, 9 July 2018

Park walk.

I walk through this park twice each day, early in the morning and then early evening, we are so lucky to have this so close to our home. The wild flower meadow was redone this year, it's stunning, the gardens are weeded often. The council is allowing the residents to chose how to replace the dated play area, it will still be a play area after it has been updated, it's an area where all our grans sons have loved playing.


  1. Love the wild flower meadow, looks like a pretty place to walk

  2. The flower meadow is beautiful. It reminds me of a picture in one of my childhood story books. X

  3. What a beautiful park. Whenever we visit our grand children, we take little Hannah to a park to play. It's always fun trying to keep up with her.

  4. What a pretty meadow, Marlene. I think I spotted cornflowers which are one of my favourites! Meg:)



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