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Thursday, 12 July 2018

My week.

The above perfectly sums my week
HOPE, dark clouds above, looks like rain, Oh we live in one of the driest parts of England, clouds just to cool us down, no rain, keep hoping. Thunder storms forecast over the next two days, but not very near to us.  
PRIDE, England feels good again, football (which I normally would not watch) was good, the team and manager did us proud. 
ENJOY, I love tennis, and I am enjoying the matches from Wimbledon, two 5 set matches in the men's contest, top seeds falling along the way.
READ, I am losing myself in books, I loved The Sister by Louise Jensen. The Lie is another good book, I'm half way through.
No photo, but love should be in the mix, my wonderful hubby and daughter, who everyday ensure I'm good. Lovely grandsons, who all are beautiful and growing up so very quickly. 


  1. I can join in with those categories, even though I watch neither football or tennis. We did have a little drizzle session yesterday lunch time but it came to nothing. I have been reading sporadically, just some random books on my tablet. All free from Amazon and all light "chewing gum for the brain" books, all that I could cope with in the heat.

  2. The book sounds great. I'm hoping and praying for rain too.

  3. I do really like C. L. Taylor’s books. Not a football fan here either, but did watch our lads playing and thought they did us proud. Love is the most important isn’t it, to be loved and cherished xx

  4. No rain forcast here in St.Agnes yet.I am a Bookworm too,also a HUGE Tennis Fan.Watched England boy what a nail biter of a match,well done Boys.x

  5. A wonderful way to capture your week. I too have been enjoying the tennis. I haven't watched much football but agree the young football team should be proud of themselves as they succeeded where many of the 'better' sides fell in the early rounds.

  6. Love the post. It just goes to prove that it is the small things that make our lives so meaningful!

  7. Such a lovely post …

    Wouldn't some rain be wonderful!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. I love tennis too, Marlene. Though to watch Wimbeldon "down under" though we must stay up super late. Tricky for someone who goes to bed early! Meg:)



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