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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Leftovers anyone?

I have done more on Winter Watergarden, I'm not sure if I should show each couple of days or wait until I have done one section, I have changed a couple of small things on here, I don't like to do back stitch in black, so I have used a navy thread. I am not stitching anything else at the mo, I am playing catch up on this.

I brought this Lizzie Kate chart, I want to use it in my family sampler, I love the boxes and it will complement my design. I have also brought a couple more sparkly threads, for no reason than I like the colours.

We had a fantastic time last night, and our fridge is full of left overs, so our girls will pop in later. It was nice to sit and chat all night, we spent alot of time talking about our Christmas's whilst children, some brilliant stories came out. Having good friends and feeling so relaxed with them, where ever we are is a joy to my heart.

What to say about the horror's in Japan, with a boat and train full of people swept away and a whole town washed away, the coastal areas gone,the nuclear problem forming, the pictures shown on TV, our thoughts are with everyone there, it's just a horror story.


  1. I Like seeing the progression of Wintergarden . . . it's like getting to read the next chapter of a book :-}

  2. It's looking really pretty Marlene. I'm going to enjoy watching this grow:)

    Lovely new chart and those sparkly thread are gorgeous.



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