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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hearts and a red face

I am very pleased with my hearts, I am not stitching all the little hearts, I thought it would be fun to sew on heart buttons. I will sew this into a heart shaped hanging and put it with my other four heart hangings I have made. The Aider is pink, which suits the silk colours.As for my red face, I have sorted why my threads have not arrived, I did not notice Paypal had our old address on, I used Kev's paypal at the time, my card was out of date ( new one lost in the post!), and I skipped through, not realising he had our old address on. The people who brought our old place, still live in Liverpool and won't be down before Easter, so my stash is trapped in their house. Today I ordered another lot, I know I will use them. Roll on Wednesday, I should have them, then I can finish my Tiger skin rug.

The sunshine this week has been wonderful, it's still very cold, but don't you love it when the sun comes out to play. My garden is full of crocus, the daffodils are still in bud, and the Magnolia tree buds are about to bloom. Martin my brother is now back at home.
I had a great day with Fliss and Sammy, Sammy wanted to play with his Nanna all yesterday, and did not want to be much with mummy. I had good news with my eye test, my eyesight is the same as two years ago, and I did not need new glasses, I'm pleased but I would have liked new frames, but I do still love the ones I am wearing now.

We have no plans for this weekend, just home, both girls will pop in, so we should see Josh on Sunday. I am going to Hobbycraft later today, I wish I could find a nice local stitching shop, we have a couple but none of them inspire, Hobbycraft is great but so expensive.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. Love your thoughts with the heart buttons! This is a wonderful Valentine/Love theme.

    Sorry to hear the news about your stash. Oops - oh well, you'll use it when it finally shows up.

    Glad to hear the girls are stopping by and your eyes are doing great.

    The flowers -- ah, we are weeks behind you. Nothing is ready to bloom yet. The river is flooded in the backyard and it's a gray day.

    Hope your weekend is filled with fun!

  2. Love your hearts and what a great idea for the little hearts to add buttons! Good to hear that your stash problems have been sorted out. I love spring when all the flowers come into bloom. Here in Vancouver, our magnolia trees are in bud as well, but the daffodils are not quite ready yet.

  3. Blogger did it again . I wrote a long comment and got a Service Unavailable . . this is the 2nd blog commenet I've made today that got that . . don't know if it made it through.

    ANyway, the just of it :
    1. Denise always makes my comments before I do . .LOL
    2. Where can I find the hearts in a heart pattern?
    3 I LOVE the button idea . . they will add such great texture.

  4. The hearts are just lovely! Hmm, I hope you'l have your threads soon, so we can see more stitching on those prjects, lol! ^^"" And your garden is beautiful too!

  5. Your hearts piece is just lovely and I think the buttons will be a pretty accent on it.

    Love the photo if your garden. Oh how I wish some of my flowers were coming up but it is still too early here in New York. Oh but I long for spring and warmer weather.



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