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Monday, 21 March 2011

Bird house? thats not a bird!

I have almost finished the centre of my family sampler, I have done all the Lizzie*Kate letters, I have used two of her flowers, and added numbers. I have found a couple of butterflies to put in two squares, and I'm looking for a ladybird as well.

It looks good in the middle, I can't decide if I should put the green border around the letters, it was always my plan to do this. I think I will leave it a while before I decide.

What do you call a bird house with a squirrel in?, this cheeky thing visit's most days, and raids the nuts hanging below, he does not run away when we first go into the garden, he will wait until he thinks we are to close and then bolts.

It's started off nice this morning and the fore caste for the day is sunny, I'm having a day at home, I ache this morning and I'm taking it easy, I hope to do some more stitching this afternoon. I want to finish the last few squares on the sampler, then I shall pack it away for a while, I have another ABC heart to do, Su my daughter has requested one for her bedroom. So this week I plan to stitch hearts and tigers.


  1. Your stitching is coming along nicely. Hope you find the motifs you are after.
    The squirrels are so funny when they are in the bird feeders - cheeky little critters that they are!

  2. Sampler looks so good! Squirrels are amazing at times!

  3. oh mum i love the letters, please make me those for my (Late, very late, maybe for next yr! he he love ya really) birthday! fliss xxx
    p.s you know its true josh is still waiting for his baby cardigans - ahem sammy too! xxx xxx

  4. The sampler looks great!
    Just wondering what you're going to do about the falling numbers if you frame the letters with a border...



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