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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm still waiting

This afternoon we walked along a local beach at West Wittering, this is one of the few sandy beaches we have in our area, it was cold, but loads of fun.

It looks like summer, and with so few people out, it was a pure delight to walk.

With regards to my title, I have done very little stitching,
I am waiting for two parcels to come, both with threads for projects.
  • Winter Watergarden, I have seen lovely work on other blogs of the first two parts, I can't wait to get started, today the third part has been released, I am so behind with this.
  • I am also waiting for the DMC, threads I ordered, they were promised for today, it is very frustrating, I can't finish tigerskin, or start anything else.
  • I have seen the Q snap frame, which I would like to use, they are not sold in UK, and if I purchase one from USA, the import taxes almost double the price, I have e-mailed the company, but they have not yet answered.
So I am frustrated, to say the least.

I have not stitched sleeping cats or family sampler, with my brother visiting, I can't find any quiet time, oh well, he will be home soon and then I can stitch away.


  1. I do hope you will get your supplies soon.
    The beach looks lovely to walk even in winter.

  2. Ooh love being on an empty beach when it's a sunny cold day!! Hope your supplies arrive soon!

  3. I totally understand the frustration with waiting for materials. I'm in the same boat waiting for threads to come! I hope we get our materials soon!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed a day at the beach. It is a much lovelier beach than we have here in Galveston!

  5. Looks as though you had a good walk. Beautiful beach. Hope your materials arrive soon. It can be so frustrating when they take an age to come.

  6. If you cannot figure out a way to get QSnaps, I would be happy to buy you some and mail them off. I am not sure how the govt. would feel about this but if I would take them out of the packaging they could be considered "used".



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