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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Going Blue, two new starts

I have made a start on Winter Watergarden, I am stitching on 32dpi linen as shown in the design, I have to stitch over two stitches, I have never done this before, normally I would scale the design down and make it half the size, but this has beads on, so I am doing as the pattern tells me. I love the shades of blue, it's not a colour I use alot. The balance of this pattern makes it easy to stitch.

I went to see Fliss and the boys yesterday,
I started another project, can you guess what it is ?

I had a parcel in the post, the three packets below I brought off e-bay, they were a bargain, I love green backgrounds, and have a project in mind for the darker green, but that's later this year.
Yesterday when I was out the post man called and left a card, I have two parcels waiting for collection at the sorting office, one will be my q-snap frame, not sure what the other will be. I am going to collect them later.

The new project above is my second Tigerskin rug, I have done the marking on the head. I do like to take stitching with me, but larger projects I leave at home. I have not done any more to family sampler, I am looking for a Thomas the Tank Engine pattern small enough to go it, Josh asked me if I could sew one there for him. As for sleeping cat's that's on the back burner for now.


  1. I love your Winter Watergarden start Marlene. It looks beautiful

    No idea what your other start with but looking forward to seeing more:)

    Nice fabrics.

  2. Beautiful fabric . . . I need to stat looking for something different in a small count and softer than I am using . . . we don't have a needlework shap in this area so I have to do all my "nice" material shopping online :0{

  3. Beautiful piece. You are a saint for stitching most things over one. I really do not mind it either but most of the blogging ladies hate over one. Enjoy the QSnaps.

  4. Love the new Winter watergarden project!

  5. Ok, my guess - a rabbit. I am probably so far off...

    I love Winter Watergarden! I have heard you talk about it but hadn't seen the picture. I went back (thank you for labeling your posts) and it will be GORGEOUS!

    Your linen/fabric -- oh, the colors! Lovely! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    That tigerskin rug turned out really lifelike in miniture! haha Someone will be thrilled to have it!

  6. The Wintergarden looks beautiful - looking forward to that one progressing :)



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