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Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunny Monday Morning

It's another sunny but cold day here, Scotland had loads of snow over the weekend, but here in the south it's been dry. I thought I would share my daffodils with you, these I have planted in our back garden, last spring we only had two come up. I have them in both my front and back gardens, spring is fighting through.

I have almost finished the 1st part of Winter Watergarden, I have just the larger beads to add, I am thinking to leave them to later, so I don't catch any of them. This has been a joy to stitch, I know from comments on other blogs, the next two stages have their own challenges, but I'm up for it. I am going to sew my Tiger Skin for a couple of days, I want to have mine finished before I sent the first one made to the winner of my giveaway, on my other blog, pop here if you are interested.
Last but not least, Kev has been baking, he is a good cook, yesterday he made bread pudding, using stale bread, fruit and spices, it's reminds me of my childhood, my mum always made bread pudding for us.The only difference is, we had to buy bread to let it go stale, mum made it to use up old bread. I have had one slice with my coffee and it tasted great. My problem is I could eat it all!
Nothing planned for this week, I will spend tomorrow with Fliss and the boys, Friday I have a hospital check up. So I hope to spend time sewing, bliss.


  1. Your Winter Watergarden is beautiful. And I'd love to taste the breadpudding ;o)

  2. I swear . . each step of the "garden" could be a finished item init's own right.

    Your daffodils make me smile . . . they are my most favorite flower of all.

  3. Watergarden is beautiful! And the bread pudding looks yummy - better get to work on your tiger skin! lol



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