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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Repeats, repeats.

I have finished my second tiger skin rug, the first one I stitched is on it's way to Spain, to the winner of my Somerset House, blog giveaway, the smaller one is now placed in the study of my house. I don't think I want to stitch another one for a while.

Speaking of repeats, I am getting on well the another ABC heart, this one is for my daughter Su, she has chosen the colours for her bed room, I hope to finish it later today.

Whilst I am stitching for Su, I am dreaming of Winter Watergarden, which is next on my rotation, I am behind on this project, I am working on phase 2 and phase 4 is due out soon. I am enjoying having a rotation of work, normally I work on just one big project, and pop in a small stiching. I have decided on what to stitch on my family sampler next, just have to get a couple of threads.

It's colder this morning and it has rained, we are due rain for the next couple of days, my garden will love the water, but it keeps me inside!

Today I have to sort my spare bedroom after our weekend visitors and I have some dreaded ironing to do, but my plan is to do it this morning and then stitch this after noon.

Both daughters are popping in this evening to do some craft, it's our first night in ages, so there will be more talking than sewing.


  1. The finished tiger rug is awesome. I love the colours of the heart too!

  2. The tiger rug looks amazing! I have the heart chart in my to-do pile. Seeing it here makes me want to start stitching it...even though I have one or two other things on the go!



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