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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Almost there

I got fed up with waiting for the postman to deliver parcels, so I have started a quickie, I am stitching loads of hearts which will finish in a large heart shape, another one to hang on my wall.

Today the postman has been, and he delivered two things, all my threads and beads for Winter Watergarden, don't they look great, so many beautiful colours and tiny beads. I brought them from European Crosstitch Company, it's a great way to collect all I needed, I just have to add the DMC colours from my stash
And the latest Just Cross stitch magazine, I am going to get a nice mug or coffee and sit in the sunshine later and read it.

I still have not received the DMC threads I ordered last week, I am very disappointed and have chased the lady sending them to me, I still can't finish the Tiger skin rug.
My dilemma now is, should I finish the hearts, and hope the threads come tomorrow and finish the Tiger skin rug, or should I start Winter Watergarden, I know if I do not finish the other two, it will be ages before I get back to them.

Hummmm it's difficult , watch this space and I will let you know.


  1. Hi Marlene
    Just found you on Cath's blog so popped over to take a peek. Lovely stitching and finishing and your package from the Postie today is to die for, look forward to seeing the start of this new project.
    Isn't it frustrating when a package you so need just doesn't arrive, fingers crossed it does tomorrow.
    (Buttons & Stitches x x x)

  2. Thea hearts are adorable! When I first saw the little picture of them in my blog reading list, I thought they where buttons, so cute and neat <3 Can't wait to see this project finished!

  3. Can't wait to see your hearts make a heart.

    Wouldn't that be a cute idea for a wedding present?

    Oh, and I like your new header:0}

  4. Marlene the watergarden looks stunning - looking forward to seeing that one progress. The hearts look lovely and the colours are gorgous :) I do hope your threads arrive soon.



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