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Thursday, 31 March 2011

A finish, a WIP and a review

I have finished stitching the heart for daughter Su, the charm says "made with love", I have loads of them. I have the backing fabric and the twisted hanging strap in the photo, it's going to match her bedroom. Not normally the colours I would use but fun to do.

I have started my Thomas the Tank Engine on my family sampler, I have used the pattern Fliss my daughter lent to me, she had used it here and made a cushion for Josh's bed, he chose who he wanted on his cushion, mummy was very clever and drew some of the people when she could not get patterns.

For the past couple of weeks I have been using the Q-Snap frames, you wrap the edge of you work around the frames, snap on a cover and the twist tight. From the moment I saw them I loved the idea, I purchased two, 17" and 11" square, and love them both, I have given away my wooden frames, I still have a few hoops, mainly for smaller projects. Another benifit is, I am holding the clip part of the frame and keeping the fabric cleaner.

Not many plans here, the weather is dull and breezy, it won't be a surprise if it rains again, I have a sick hubby in bed, he has a tummy bug. So it's a stay at home day, I am expecting 2 parcels for Su.

I want to do a bit more today to Winter Watergardens, I hope to do loads to the reed beds, and stitch more Thomas tonight, I have a motorbike for the other side of the block, so it's got a bit of a transport theme, not sure what I will put in the middle of them.


  1. Love the heart alphabet . Where did you get the chart from ?
    Hope DH is feeling better soon .X

  2. Love your finish for Su. It's really pretty.

    Nice progress on your family sampler.

  3. Beautiful Sampler!!

    I love Q-snaps!! I needs to get a bigger one! I have one of the smaller ones. I think I have the 8x8 one.

  4. I am happy you got your QSnaps and are enjoying them. The heart alphabet turned out beautiful. I love the colors.

  5. The heart is lovely - the colours are what I would quietly classic! The sampler just gets better and you work so fast Marlene :)



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