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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday update

It's been a busy few days, my brother Martin is visiting so I'm not stitching as much.

I have done some more ear of ginger kitten, and finished all the background fabric in that area.
I have done as much as I can to Tiger skin, I did manage to get the two colours I required added to my order, but now I have to wait until Tuesday for them to arrive.

I have no plans for the next few days, just having fun with Kev and Martin, both daughters are popping in this afternoon, plus my niece (Martin's daughter) and Riley her son.


  1. The kitties look really cute!

  2. Loving the kitties design - think I might want to add that to my to-do pile!

  3. It is so much fun watching th kittens and tiger come to life.

  4. Your rug is going to be beautiful! I know this is a LOT of little stitches! Great work!

  5. Both projects looking good! Glad you managed to get your threads ordered - tomorrow is Tuesday!



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