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Monday, 2 July 2018

June summery

Much cheaper month
If I had not been naughty with wool my spending would be under £100, but Will has a new cot blanket and I can knit loads of socks.
I lost weight in June, but not to the level I wanted, the month started well, but 5 days away and last weekend, saw a few pounds go back on.
Steps I averaged over 9,000 steps per day, I only had three days where I did not reach the target of 8,000 and loads of day's over 10,000 steps.
I started another book, I am loving time to read, I do like to loose myself in a gripping story line. Not done any crafting, sorry but I’m too hot, there I said it.


  1. I am sewing more while it is so hot. Last night after the rain it was cool enough to knit so we had a film fest. Kinky Boots was on Netflix, and it always makes me laugh then we fancied something with a little action so we decided on Red, Helen Mirren is always worth watching.

  2. Oh for rain, we are desperate, my water butts are almost empty, I am only watering the pots and fruit and veg now, thank goodness for the fake grass.

  3. I think I live in the only cool place in the Northern Hemisphere right now. The news said over 50 million Americans live in places that are dangerously hot!! I love my beautiful cool Pacific NW!

  4. My late father in law used to say "stock is as good as money" ....your stock of wool is like cash in the bank lol



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