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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bits and bobs

Grace relaxing
This spider plant is huge
I cut one stem of babies off and potted up, they will go to our local charity shop soon. 
 Air plant loves it in here, growing well. 
 Orchid doing well
I've had this for two weeks now
 Cut flowers from the garden.
Do you remember rain, 
we have not had a drop for a month
 How I long for this view.
Finally, I have loads of seeds, many given free with the garden magazines I purchase, so there are 12 packs here, if you leave a comment on this post, I will pop your name into a hat and choose a winner. Only UK bloggers please, not sure I could post these overseas.


  1. At last we are having a summer like it should be, at times it's be a little too hot for doing things i admit but I really don't like rain, cold i can deal with but rain i can't.
    I've taken some babies off my spider plant today too. Mine really needs re-potting but i keep forgetting to get a bigger pot when i'm out. Love you cut flower display.
    I'd love to have a chance of winning your giveaway :-)

  2. I think I am going to do a rain dance.

  3. We do need that rain, our pond is slowly evaporating xx

  4. Lovely photos, your cut flowers are so pretty. Id like it to rain overnight to give the gardens some watering and cool it down just a little during sleeping hours.

  5. Not to be published, of course :) Thank you again for the wonderful gifts! Can you send me your name and address? The return address on your package looks so different from our addresses I just want to make sure that I get it right. Thanks!


  6. We really, really need some rain here as well :(
    I'm also growing bachelor buttons and calendula in the garden - did you know they're both edible? They don't really taste like anything but they look really pretty on top of cakes.

  7. Awww,Grace is so cute.Typing with 1 finger,Duffy has plonked himself right in front of keyboard purring his lil head off lol.I like a good summer,but we do need rain.Thanks for lovely comment,and for sharing your lovely photos.x

  8. Ive been visiting my daughter in Ireland they are also desperate for rain which they normally have to much off !

  9. I have cleaned my windows 3 times and not a drop of rain. I would wash the car but want the water for the garden. perhaps it is time for a rain dance.



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