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Monday, 27 June 2016

Something for nothing

I am trying something new in a bid to stop using the blue slug pellets
These have been spread over the cottage garden bed, 
they stank of sheep, just hope they work
I am using copper tape around my pots.
 Loads of flowers on my melon plant
last year I grew just one melon.
 Kiwi seedlings
I put a slice of Kiwi on top of soil, hoping to get further than last year, 
these should grow well in this small pot, 
so I won't have to move them until they are much larger. 
 Orange pip, again hoping for more sucess than last time
 Melon seeds, just for fun
 This followed me home on Saturday
hubby was not sure about the colour, 
but already I have 3 cuttings hoping for new plants
 Latest flower in the garden, 1st Dahlia to bloom
A bit more sewing last night, 
I love stitching these boxes, hope to get July finished by the weekend. 
I spent an hour in Win's garden after work, just a bit of weeding and a few late plants gone into her front garden.  Plus 30 mins in the greenhouse, as you can see from above I have loads of seeds and pips coming along. My Orchids are back inside, the leaves were being bleached white, which does not look good, so I have them on trays behind my sofa, there is really nowhere to put them in this house.
My garden is looking well, the cottage garden is filling up, in a few weeks it will look beautiful. Almost every thing is now out, just a few English Marigolds and another Fuchsia to go into a pot.
We are eating cucumbers, strawberries and raspberries, I have salad leaves ready for cutting.
I have herbs I will pick over next weekend ready for drying.
So all is well in our little plot, off now to read my book, life is good.


  1. I can't wait to see the cottage garden. I use a product called Sluggo Plus. It works fairly well and won't harm the wild life.

  2. I feel all calm and serene after reading your blog today. I am going to see if I can germinate a lemon pip and a lime. Do you dry them out first?

  3. I have not grown anything from pips since I was a child at primary school. You have motivated me to try some lime seeds. it is good top walk round the garden picking good things to eat and spotting new flowers opening on a daily basis.

  4. I've enjoyed a lovely catch up read. Get well wishes for hubby.
    We've eaten the first cucumber for tea last night when my 5 year old granddaughter came for tea, she loves to be able to be in the greenhouse helping.
    Nice stitching and patchwork progress.

  5. I really dislike the blue slug pellets as well.

    Would love to see your cottage garden.

  6. You Dahlia's are just beautiful. the color is so rich.

  7. My first cucumber will be ready tomorrow.

  8. Those sheep pellets do smell but they work well. After 4 years my kiwi fruit is making really good progress now and spreading to cover a fence panel! No fruit though.

  9. Sounds idyllic, so rewarding growing from seed xx

  10. Slugs and snails love beer - if you 3/4 fill an old cup with beer and bury it so it is level with the ground, then snails and slugs will be attracted to it get drunk and drown in it.



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