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Friday, 1 July 2016

Is it really 1st of July!

I have over spent against last years figure by £10.12
but June 2015 I had been good and already cut back my spending
The rest of 2015 was lower spend because I was trying to be good. 
I am still £276.24 less than last year, so on target to save £200.00 on 2015 spend.
On the craft front, I have stitched more of these together
still keeping to picking up a hexi and using it, not swapping it for another. 
 I also did more on Joyful World
I hope to finish this over the weekend, 
we are home for a quiet weekend, so I have time. 
The following weekend is going to be busy. 
Just a few flowers in the garden
everywhere is looking really good,
 just wish the sun would shine and we could spend time outside
but we are starting to get more harvest. 
 I wanted to make a miniature garden, not a fairy garden just loads of small plants, I had a cracked pot, so I thought I would have a go, it doesn't look good, will try and find a better pot. 
I do love the cacti in these tiny pots, they have all been taken from other plants. The bigger pot (which is still a small pot) has my new plant in which looks like a tree. The idea is right, I just have to rethink it. 
I have been very poor on my 52 things to do in 2016, I will have to revisit the list and put more into action. 
But I am busy in my greenhouse, everything is growing so very well, I love growing the pips into plants. I was asked regarding the pips, the one hint which has helped is wash all the flesh of the fruit off the pip, somehow it helps it crack and shoot, plus I don't plant the pip I lay it on top of soil. 
My tiny Kiwi is looking healthy, our neighbour had a tree which over hung our garden, the blossom was beautiful, but it was cut down last November with all the large tree's, so I am hoping to see Kiwi blossom in years to come. 
Last night we had a family BBQ, hubby's oldest son and wife is over from Ireland on holiday, plus my brother has been staying, youngest daughter and her new hubby popped in. So we were very British, sat with warm hoodies on outside enjoying catching up, nothing beats a midweek BBQ plus our garden is looking very tidy so I could relax and have fun. 


  1. Definitely July, where is the year going............?


  2. I checked out my credit card spending last night for the year so far and found I'd spent a similar amount to you less on them this year than last, which was good. I'm hoping to slow down the use of them more as the year goes on. I do pay them off every month, and mainly use them for online purchasing, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.

  3. Thanks to your posts Marlene we are keeping a watch on our spending too. I like your miniature garden - I would love to do one of those.

  4. Honestly, I don't understand Fairy Gardens . . but I do like the idea of a mini garden where you can show off your smaller plants.

    We are going out today to ee if I can find some pots, I want to build one of those thing where you have a very large pot on the bottom with a medium p it sitting in the middle of it and a smaller one on top . . . our perennial geranium is at the end of it's first bloom and I need some height where it was.

  5. Love your mini garden. I've started a lemon, lime and tangerine off!! Fingers crossed!! Thank you for the tips X



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