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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

More outside

Cows in the garden
my sister got me 2 of these
 I will never stop loving this view
 Fruit and herbs
hubby cut the lawn today, he keeps it perfect.
 Door and window all fixed
the 2nd chair is in front of the door, I move it when I'm inside
space is a bit tighter than I hoped
 This weekend's job
 add soil and plants, it's not looking great
So it's sunny and June, it's all about the garden, last night after tea I was outside until 8.30pm, I enjoyed pottering in the greenhouse, I have sown seeds for salad items and will get some small salad seedling to plant to push the garden along.
I want to regularly sew seeds to ensure we have a steady supply of salad items.  My cucumber is already looking much better and I have more flowers on the bush tomato plant.
The fruit are showing loads of promise, with swelling fruit on almost every plant.
The herbs I have sown are showing, and the others are all full of new growth.
Once I get my side garden back looking like a cottage garden, I will be happy.
I have done no craft, but I never do at this time of year, it will all wait for me to have more time. I have another book to read, might get started later.
I have not been able to see Win this week, I hope to get there Friday on my early finish day. I can tell her how good her garden is looking, later tonight I have to water both gardens.
MCW is very quiet, she is also behaving with not parking her car in Lyn's disabled parking bay, we can not agree some think she has learnt her lesson others think she is planning her next move, but a few of us in the street are enjoying the peace.


  1. Late warm evenings in the garden and no crafting going on here too.

  2. We have to make the most of the nice weather while it lasts, plenty of time for crafting when it's raining.

  3. Enjoy the nice weather it's lovely pottering around in it x

  4. Your patio and yard make me jealous. Our flower beds in Indiana are so overgrown. We will have a TON of weeding to do when we get moved back this fall.

    I will use your gardens are my goal . . clean and neat :)

  5. It is a lovely time of year for evening garden pottering isn't it!

  6. Your yard and patio are so very pretty. I hope your great evenings continue.

  7. Your garden is looking lovely and I know because I'm kind of here from the future I know once you have added some soil and some plants that raised bed will look great!! Glad alls well so far with Win and MCW X



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