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Monday, 6 June 2016

Oh happy days...

It's up, well almost
we do have to build the door and window
 Back end of the garden is tidy
 Inside is getting there
 My shed is almost empty
The small path leads to our tomato plants, perfect spot
 This wonderful husband of mine
is a true trooper, he worked hard for two days. 
Memo to everyone and anyone, don't glaze a greenhouse on the hottest and sunniest day of the year.
We still have the door and window to make and put  on, rather than get on with it yesterday, I wanted to tidy the back section. We put all the soil back into the smaller raised garden, which now sits in the back of the greenhouse, plus I have 5 bags of soil left to add around my gardens to help improve my clay soil.
My bush tomato and cucumber plants are inside, we have placed two other tomatoes where they catch the sun and the reflection from the green house. I also have a neat area to grow in pots, thinking of getting a courgette plant, one will do as I'm not a huge fan of them.
I have enough space to do a little dance each time I enter. I will get a couple of things this weekend, but I will hold off buying too much as I want to see how I can use the space.
We will do the door and window on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, no hurry, I don't want to push lovely hubby too far.
We got the greenhouse from a large DIY chain, but it was made by Hall's, the only issue we had was with the glass, I chose toughened glass. The booklet of instructions was for a standard greenhouse, and when we opened the crate of glass every pane was a different size to the plans, I was sure we had the wrong glazing. I went on Halls site and reading about the greenhouse, I noticed a small line  'toughened glass is sent in bigger sizes' with that information and us guessing the clips provided were for normal glass and the plastic strips for toughened glass, we got it together.
Hubby is away this coming weekend so weather permitting I will have a couple days in the garden.
Needless to say I am really happy. 


  1. It's looking great, now have fun using it.

  2. Your new greenhouse looks great.
    A lovely wedding keepsake the book is, what a nice heart shaped family/friends photograph.

  3. It's looking good - hope you have fun using it.
    Cathy x

  4. Looks so lovely Marlene, happy , productive sunny days in the garden always make me happy too. Enjoy you weekend xx

  5. What wonderful things you are going to be able to grow in the greenhouse!!

  6. How exciting, I'm sure you will have los of funx

  7. That is a wonderful greenhouse! You are going to have so much fun with it!

  8. Well done to your hubby! It looks great and I do love the curved design.



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