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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

List again

It's that time again. 
I overspent by £3.79, which is just under the cost of the thread I purchased last Sunday, but I am still up on last year by £286.39. This coming month is going to be expensive, once the greenhouse is done. The total spend for last year was under £1000.00, which is not a bad sum for all the different things I do. If the greenhouse items push me over, I won't worry as they will be a once only purchase. Hubby is going to make my wooden potting bench himself, he loads of wood which would be perfect to use. 
Not alot of change on this list, but I am keeping up with loads.
Yesterday was wet all day, so in the afternoon I cut out all the fabric.
I am now thinking once these are stitched, I will start making the sewing machine cover. I also have one other task to complete, I dropped my full box of stitched hexagons, which are all now piled on the spare bed, waiting to sort back into their colours and fabrics. 
 Neat work box, 
Yesterday evening I stitched all the ones in the top left pocket.
 Looking into the small greenhouse
it's pretty packed in there, soon I will move every thing to Win's empty greenhouse and hubby will take this to the tip. I am going to check a couple of panels to use as protection over my raised bed, so I can sow earlier next year. 
I treated myself to this tiny spider plant, I have not grown one in years
Thank you for your comments last time, we have not seen MCW since we came home, hubbies strong email to the local police station has not yet gained a reply, but we do have an appointment on Friday.
It was a long day in work today, normally when I am busy the time flies by, but not today. Still we got loads done, which is good because we have loads of staff off in the next few weeks.
Win has gone into a local care home, it's one she has been in before, her hope is to be well enough to come home, but I really don't see that as an option, she does need loads of care, and it would be heart breaking if she had to manage at home. Her gardens are finished, it's just a job to keep them weeded and watered.
I have not done any cross stitch, I'm tired by early evening, so it's best to leave it for now, but I have done loads of reading last month I read 3 books and have started my 4th book.
I have not managed my steps for the past two days, I have pulled a muscle at the top of my leg, so I am being very careful. Can't tell you how I did it, it just started hurting.


  1. That spider plant takes me back to my childhood, I remember all the babies that grow from it, there were more babies than one house could hold if you potted them all up. I'll have to ask mum when they all disappeared from her house.

  2. You have been very busy and are doing well with your list. I was cutting and stitching hexagons yesterday too - it was definitely the weather for it!
    Cathy x

  3. I remember my mum having a spider plant which lived on top of the fridge freezer with the babies dangling down. They were never potted up. x

  4. I have a crafty bank account and am pleased to say that it is very healthy. I put money in each month and although I have bought quite a bit of fabric this year most of it has been at very low prices. My Mum had spider plants, in Macramé holders, I can still hear my Dad swearing as he banged his head on one after the other.

  5. You're doing well with your spending. I was lucky with the staging for my greenhouse, my dad gave me a set for one side and then when he moved house and left his greenhouse behind, I got a second set for the other side. I only really need one inside the greenhouse but the other set is really handy to stand plants and seedlings on in the garden.

  6. We had billions of spider plants in our house - it was the only plant my mum could keep alive! I think I might copy your spend record for next year - I've spent wisely on the garden so far but have gone berserk with stuff for the birds!!



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