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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Start of the weekend

I have managed to stitch two of my fat quarters
 I have a few more to stitch
plus I need to cut more paper templates. 
 I have started this book
 On the way home yesterday this fell into my basket
 It's been a busy couple of days, mainly in our garden, thank you those who commented regarding how neat we keep the garden, both hubby and I do like neat lines, in the beds the flowers are jumbled.
I am sowing neat little lines of salad seeds.
I saw Win last evening, she looks amazing again, just a bit unsure on her feet, so she is staying in the nice home a bit longer to gain her strength. I can now see her getting back home, at 101 years old she truly loves living her life.
I have been given some more plants, lady at work gave me 2 x lupins, 2 x pinks and 1 cosmos, so with the 2 x dahlia  Chris has given me, plus the coleus plants I grew from cuttings, my cottage garden will look much better later.
It was raining when I got up, but the skies are brightening, so if the rain stops, I hope to plant everything today.
For some reason Blogger is again not publishing my post without a long delay. Strange I wrote this Saturday morning.


  1. You're going great guns with your hexagons, you must have quite a collection now. Great news about Win, I do hope she can get home soon and enjoy the garden I know she loves. It was raining here too this morning but it's cleared up, Mick's cricket match hasn't been cancelled yet, let's hope the rain stays away so he gets to play.

  2. The hexies are mounting up and I love the colours. Your garden will be a riot of colour when your new gifts get going. Make sure to leave space for the lupins, they make a very large plant.

  3. You have been busy. I'm addicted to hexagons at the moment, but need to sew some more onto their templates. It's poured with rain here over the last two days, but it certainly does the garden good. Happy gardening!
    Cathy x

  4. What fell into your basket? Sure doesn't look like food or clothing :)

  5. I also have that Vancouver Geranium. I love its soft colors.So glad your neighbor seems to be doing so well.

  6. Haha as I'm reading backwards and late to the party I'm not noticing any delay in your posts! I agree wi what Pam said. Lupine are massive but will come back bigger and better year on year.



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